Tarot and Book Swap, Numerology Class
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You asked. We listened! Back by popular demand is the Book and Tarot Swap. It is being held the last Saturday in August, all day or while merchandise lasts. At the last one A LOT went prior to noon. Come early!

Bring in your gently used metaphysical, new age, self-help books and tarot and oracle decks. Drop them off at the store any day prior to Saturday, August 25 (please do not bring them in the day of). Then come back on the 25th and take home something else you can use. 

What's New

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Awakening the Chakras
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Fairy Gardening 101
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Chakra Candles

Smoky Citrine ~ Tibet

Attar Oil ~ Enlightenment
Attar Oil ~ Love

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Alice The Wonderland               Oracle
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Sacred Power Reading             Cards
Calendars and Datebooks are arriving! Get yours now.

The latest crystal in the store is Smoky Phantom Citrine from Tibet. The energy of these crystals is deep but amazingly soft. I am in absolute love with these crystals and can't seem to get enough of them! I can definitely lose myself in them and certainly feel better for it afterwards. The only unfortunate thing is, there doesn't seem to be any smaller pieces like least not that I've seen as of yet. I've tried to get both small and large clusters and generators to help suit different budgets. But remember we do layaway if the piece you can't live without is a bit beyond what you can pay all at once. 

Anyway, on to how they can work and help you! Smoky Citrine works on a very spiritual and etheric level. Basically this means it works on a deep level with our soul and also with our aura or energy field around the body. It is so beneficial in helping with anything negative that holds you back; to understand and clear any vows you/your soul may have made in regards to celibacy or poverty and opens to abundance. Who doesn't need some of that, right!?!

For some this might sound like a very deep subject, but it can be as simple as realizing our soul, somewhere in it's journey, made a vow or promise for one of it's lifetimes. Sometimes it either doesn't realize that the vow or promise was fulfilled or has let it go, and still tries to full it in subsequent lifetimes. With the use of these types of crystals and your own conscious intention, these vows or promises can be let go of. This allows you to open to that abundance and, here's the kicker, DESERVINGNESS of
having the abundance you are wanting.

So this is a two part process, let the vow/promise go and KNOW, DEEP DOWN that you DESERVE the abundance. 

Some ways to work with these crystals are:
• sleeping with one under your pillow and let it work on a subconscious level;
• in a crystal grid to help with abundance, goals and intentions;
• in your prosperity corner to encourage cash flow;
• meditating with it to work on that deep conscious level; 
• in a crystal healing practice on the solar plexus

If you wanted to do a crystal grid around the vow or promise, write out your intention. An example might be: I now absolve and let go, in all directions of time, any and all vows or promises I/My Soul made in the area of poverty or celibacy. Opening Myself/My Soul to receiving Love, Abundance, Opportunity, Money (insert anything else here you like). This shall be for the highest good of all. Then sign your name and build your grid on top of your intention having at least one Smoky Citrine included. The best would be to have it as the middle or focus crystal.

Most of these crystals are phantoms which helps to bring our inspiration to the surface and do something with it, to bring it into the physical. 

Pictures really do not do them justice, however you can see the full collection of generators here and clusters here. Then come on into the store to feel their incredible energy. We just love showing our crystals off!!

Upcoming Classes & Workshops

To register for one of our classes, come into the shop, call us at 403-270-0410 or email us here. No refunds or cancellations less than 48 hours prior to class. 
** Payment must be paid at time of booking **
Make Numbers Work For You
Stop swimming upstream in your personal and professional life!
Master Numerologist Vikki MacKinnon will show you how to find your personal path of ease and flow using information that is encoded in your birthday.
You will learn about three powerful cycles that shape your reality every day, twelve numbers that affect all areas of your life, and one simple, accurate and reliable system that will help you to:
• Align personal and professional goals with the dominant energy of your personal year 
• Determine the best possible timing for taking action  
• Create more harmony and deeper understanding in your relationships 
• Provide insight into past and present circumstances 
• Prepare for upcoming trends and opportunities 
This seminar will help you to not only “be in the flow”, but understand the flow and work with it for Peace of Mind and positive results. 
Each participant will receive a copy of Vikki’s ground-breaking book: Make Today Count – Take Charge of Your Time and Your Life with Numerology
nstructor : Vikki MacKinnon
Date: September 19, 2019, 6:30-9:00
Cost: $55 + GST

Vikki will also be reading in the store September 22, 2019. She will be doing 15 minute readings for $30 or a half hour for $50. Book early!!!
 Vikki MacKinnon is an author, speaker,  Life Purpose coach, and Master Numerologist. Her passion is helping people gain greater understanding of themselves, their potential, their relationships, and their journey, and giving them a greater sense of authentic personal power.  She has prepared numerology profiles for individual clients across North America, and in Britain, Ireland, Japan and the Middle East.  As founder of the Born to Thrive Numerology Course, and the Advanced Numerology Mentorship program, Vikki has taught and mentored aspiring numerologists in Canada and Japan since 2008.  She has been a repeat guest on radio shows, and has been interviewed for CBC Newsworld, and Ottawa Metro News. Her ground-breaking new book, “Make Today CountTake Charge of Your Time and Your Life with Numerology”, was released in August of 2017.
Visit Vikki’s website for more information about how numerology can help you. 
See class descriptions
New Reader

We have a new reader joining us for one to two days each month. She is already getting good reviews! Book your appointment by calling the store, 403-270-0410, or popping by.

Chrys has been passionately reading cards for nearly ten years. She has taken courses and studied with a gifted card reader with thirty years of experience. 

Chrys' hope is for you to leave feeling more in tune with your higher self after a reading. She is an intuitive reader, life coach, and healer. She specializes in interpersonal and romantic relationships. 

In search of a reading? Come visit one of our intuitive and compassionate readers. Calling ahead (403-270-0410) or emailing ensures the day and time of your choice. Walk-ins are also welcome.

Payment is made directly to the reader in the form of cash, debit or credit card at the time of the reading.

Karen ~ Intuitive, Tarot Cards, Tea Leaf, avail. Wed & Thur plus Aug 28
Denise ~ Tarot Cards & Akashic Record, avail. Fridays
Patti ~ Angel Empowerment Practitioner (AEP), avail. Aug 14 & 29
Colleen ~ Intuitive, energy sessions, singing bowls, avail. Aug 7, & 21
Debbie ~ Advanced Angel Empowermet Practitioner (AAEP) avail. Aug 11
Linda ~ Palmistry, back in the fall
Sandie ~ Tarot Cards, Mediumship, avail.Aug 13, 20, 25 & 27
Lisa ~Tarot Cards, avail. Aug 4
Ellie ~ Tarot Cards, avail Aug 30
Chrys ~ Tarot Cards, avail. Aug 18
Vikki ~ Numerology, avail. one day only Sept 22
See Reader Bios
Blessings from Linda, Cheryl and Ellie
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