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D1 Decides: Participatory Budgeting for District 1

How would you spend $200,000 in District 1?

On October 19th, I hosted a kick-off for District 1 Participatory Budgeting. This is a democratic process designed to engage the community in the budget process. Residents will have the opportunity to propose ideas, participate in active discussion, and vote on which neighborhood projects should receive $200,000 of public funds. But we can't do this without you! If you are interested in learning more or getting involved, please visit 

You can serve on the steering committee, become a budget delegate, or outreach to your neighborhoods to encourage idea-sharing. 

For further questions, please feel free to contact the District 1 office at or (408) 535-4901. 

Starbird Park Updates

As you may recall, my staff and the Parks Department conducted a park assessment tour in early 2017, where we identified issues at Starbird Park that needed to be addressed. From this list, the bathroom remodel was completed. In the beginning of October, Parks Maintenance Supervisor Jeff Gomez and his team were able to restart work on the rest of the projects that were unable to be completed due to lack of funding. I am pleased to share with you that all the projects have been successfully completed. You can find details below: 

Completed Projects

- Basketball Court Resurfacing and Striping

- Addition of new picnic tables

- New concrete garbage enclosures with City Logo

- Renovated Horseshoe Pit/ plus the addition of one extra pit

- Newly renovated backstops

- Replaced 2 Drinking Fountains near Softball Field

- Sidewalk Repairs/ Sidewalk Panels at Parking Lot

- Concrete Work/ Updated ADA Compliant Ramps

- Parking Lot Resurfacing

- Additional Fi-bar to Play area

I want to thank Jeff Gomez and the Parks Department maintenance staff for working so diligently to address the issues and concerns mentioned above and for taking a proactive role in ensuring that your park experience is a fun and safe one. Jeff and his team will now shift focus and continue to work on the San Tomas Park improvements. For additional questions, please contact David Gomez in my office at (408) 535-4901 or

10th Annual Disability Awareness Day Welcomes All

On Thursday, October 5th, I co-hosted the 10th Annual Disability Awareness Day, where we brought together service providers and community members from across the Bay Area to educate, empower, and celebrate the diversity of people living with differing abilities. 

With over 1,000 attendees and nearly 60 service providers in attendance, this event was a great success! Community members enjoyed arts & games, a Paralympic Experience, and live entertainment from performers like the New Hope Band, Elvis, and the College of Adaptive Arts. There was also a panel led by local elected officials and community organizations to speak on the needs of the disability community. 

Thank you to the sponsors, vendors, food trucks, elected officials, and most importantly the planning committee, for being a part of this event. Looking forward to 10 more years of celebrating the diversity that makes San José so unique! 

District 1 Development Map Update

The following projects have recently been approved:

1115 S De Anza - Scandinavian Designs
A site development permit for the construction of an 8,880 sf addition to an existing furniture store on an approximately 1.41-gross acre site was approved during the October 18th Planning Director’s hearing. For more information on the October 18th Planning Director’s hearing please click here

Below are new projects recently proposed in District 1:

3924 Williams Road – Proposed Memory Care Facility
An application was recently submitted for a conditional use permit to allow the demolition of existing buildings at 3924 Williams Road, removal of 14 trees and construction of a new 2-story, 31,801 sf, 60-bed residential care facility.  The project is currently under review.

For more information on projects, please visit our D1 Development Map.
Sign up for updates on new projects from the San José Planning Department.

Neighborhood Watch

Image result for neighborhood watch

Neighborhood Watch is one of the most effective and least costly ways to prevent crime and reduce fear in your neighborhood. Neighborhood Watch Programs fight the isolation and separation that crime creates and feeds upon. It forges bonds among residents and businesses, helps reduce burglaries and robberies, and improves relations between police and the communities they serve. Neighborhood Watch is the cornerstone of the San José Police Department's (SJPD) crime prevention strategy. It enlists the active participation of residents, in cooperation with law enforcement, to reduce crime in communities throughout the city.

The Neighborhood Watch program was established by SJPD to educate residents regarding their roles and responsibilities in the prevention of crime, and to encourage them to take active measures to prevent crime. The program calls upon residents to step forward and assist the police in organizing the community into a cohesive unit working toward the goal of building a safer, crime-free neighborhood. Neighborhood Watch groups discuss neighborhood crime problems with the objective of developing solutions to local problems. SJPD’s Crime Prevention Unit supplies information to neighborhood watch organizations and instructs these groups in various crime prevention techniques.

The ABC's of Neighborhood Watch

You can form a Watch group around any geographical unit: a block, apartment, park, business area, public housing complex, office, or marina. A few concerned residents, a community organization, or a law enforcement agency can spearhead the effort to organize a Neighborhood Watch. Any community resident can join — young or old, single or married, renter or homeowner.

Members will learn how to make their homes more secure, watch out for each other and the neighborhood, and report activities that raise their suspicions to the police department. Watch groups are not vigilantes. They are extra eyes and ears for reporting crime and helping neighbors. Neighborhood Watch helps build pride and serves as a springboard for efforts to build strong neighborhoods.

For more information or to host a Neighborhood Watch Meeting, please contact David Gomez at (408) 535-4901 or

Internship Opportunities

If you have a passion for government or serving the community, you can apply to intern for the Office of Councilmember Chappie Jones! Click here for more information or to apply.

Council Priority Setting Session

About two times a year, the City Council engages in a priority setting session that allows the Council to vote on new policy initiatives or ordinances that it would like the city administration to pursue. This is done to prioritize city resources on those issues that are most important. In order to track the priorities, the city administration maintains a list of those priorities and their ranking. Before each priority setting session, councilmembers can recommend new policies or ordinances that they would like to see developed to be included in the priority setting process. The Council votes on these new priorities, and if they receive enough votes, the new initiatives get added to the priority list.

The following new ideas were added the Council Priority List:

- Downtown Zoning Code Update (Part of Mayor’s Housing Crisis proposal) -  Eliminate parking requirements, establish height minimums, and establish minimum residential densities.
- Impact Fee Deferred Payment Program for Housing (Part of Mayor’s Housing Crisis proposal) - Consider allowing deferral of payment of impact fees to enable payment streams to align with project revenues.
- Safe Parking Program -  Explore and develop an ordinance which would allow for a legal use of “safe parking” in public and privately-owned parking lots for people who live in their vehicles.
- Private Property Graffiti Abatement Ordinance - Ordinance that will allow city staff to warn private property owners to abate graffiti on their property within 72 hours, or City will abate the graffiti and bill the property owner.
- Smoke-Free Housing - Explore a prohibition on smoking in multifamily housing units.
- Develop Innovation Strategies to Hire Crossing Guards -  Develop new and innovative strategies to hire crossing guards.


There were still a number of important issues that remained on the Council Priority List and were frozen in place. Here is the current “top 10.”

1. Update the City’s Rental Rights and Referrals Program (Rent Control)

2. Local Hiring/Local Business/Apprentice Utilization Program

3. Mobile Home Conversions

4. Housing Rehabilitation Program (Homeless Veterans Vouchers)

5. Disadvantaged Business Enterprises

6. Electronic Billboards

7. Downtown and/or Citywide Parks Operations and Maintenance Financing District

8. Development of a Soft-Story Retrofit Program

9. Accessory Dwelling Units & Garage Conversion Ordinance

10. Personal Care Business Compliance Initiative

You can see the full list and more information here

Pilot Residential Parking Permit Program - November Update 

The Department of Transportation (DOT) has now been actively enforcing the new Cadillac RPP zone for several weeks. So far, the program has been successful at reducing the number of cars parked on the street and improving the odds of residents finding parking within their neighborhood. We are also talking with the City of Campbell about the impact of the program on some of their streets, and remain open to continuing to work with them.

The Lynhaven RPP Zone is currently being installed and new signs should be bagged, as the zone is not currently being enforced. Those that live within this new zone should receive a mailed notice with instructions for purchasing parking permits. DOT is estimating that enforcement of the Lynhaven RPP Zone will begin in January in order to give residents time to acquire permits.

We are still currently working with the Eden neighborhood on options for parking restrictions, and are planning a meeting with the neighborhood for early November to gather input.

Community Spotlight: West Valley Community Services

West Valley Community Services has been providing direct assistance and referral services to west valley communities in Santa Clara County since 1973. It provides a food pantry, transitional and affordable housing, financial assistance, and family support & case management services. These comprehensive programs are free of charge to low income and homeless families. 

For more information on the services provided by West Valley Community Services, visit the website or call (408) 255-8033.

Dumpster Day Recap

On Saturday, October 21st, I co-hosted a Dumpster Day with Senator Jim Beall at Moreland Middle School. We had over 100 residents come out to get rid of their furniture, electronic waste, and medication and donating bicycles. Thank you to the Environmental Services and Code Enforcement staff who work with our office to host these dumpster days. A big thank you to the San Jose police officer who volunteered his time to collect old medications from residents. And thank you to Good Karma Bikes for coming out to collect donations of unused bicycles. 

My Brother's Keeper: San José Community Dialogue

On Wednesday, November 1st, I joined Mayor Sam Liccardo, Assemblymembers Reginald Byron Jones-Sawyer and Ash Kalra, and Dr. Emmett Carson at the MBK:SJ Community Dialogue at San José City Hall. City Department heads and community leaders provided updates to community stakeholders on the progress that has been made for this important initiative. We learned of the strides being taken with the citywide education strategy, investments in early childhood to employment, and impacts on college students of the San José Promise program. I look forward to seeing the great work we continue to do to educate and provides vital services for our city's most vulnerable youth.

Living with the Urban Coyote

Seeing a coyote walking down a busy street is not as uncommon as most would think. Contrary to popular belief, coyotes do not require open space to survive and have successfully adapted to living in close proximity to humans. The nighttime howling of wild coyotes is ever-more common across America – they are now found in every state except for Hawaii. The best way to protect your pets is to let them outside only when you are with them, especially at night.

Some other precautions include:

 - Keeping pets and pet food inside. If feeding outside, feed pets during the day (no more than one hour) and remove the food and water bowls when finished.

- Staying close to your pet when taking them outdoors and always keeping them on a leash, especially from dusk through early morning hours.

- Removing fallen fruit from the ground. 

- Bagging food wastes such as meat scraps or leftover pet food.

- Keeping trash in containers with tight-fitting lids.

- Using "hazing" techniques to shoo away coyotes, such as standing tall, yelling and waving arms while approaching the coyote, using a whistle, air horn, bell or other device; banging pots or pans together; stomping your feet; using a water hose, pepper spray, or throwing tennis balls or rocks at the coyote.

- And remember to never run away from a coyote.

San José Animal Control Officers do not respond to calls for service for normal coyote behavior, such as sightings, but these calls are recorded and documented. However, ACS and Vector Control do respond to calls involving sick or injured coyote(s). All animal-related emergencies should be reported immediately by calling (408) 794-7297 or visiting the Animal Care & Services website. You can also call Vector Control at (408) 918-4770.

Services in Your Community

Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties provides food to over a quarter of a million people each month. A majority of the people served are seniors and low-income families with children. For more information, visit to find a location near you. 

Nextdoor Solutions to Domestic Violence provides innovative prevention and intervention services to all families in Santa Clara County, with a focus on client-centered and community-based solutions to eradicating domestic violence. For more information on services, visit or call (408) 501-7550. 

San Andreas Regional Center serves people with developmental disabilities by providing diagnostic & prevention services for pregnant women to help ameliorate developmental disabilities and case management & community services to those with intellectual or developmental disabilities that cause severe impairments in their daily lives. For more information, visit or call (408) 374-9960. 

Bill Wilson Center (BWC) provides housing, education, counseling, and advocacy services to over 6,300 children, youth, young adults, and families across Santa Clara County. BWC also reaches over 31,000 clients through Street Outreach and Crisis Line programs. BWC has recently conducted studies on youth homelessness. You can learn more at For more information, visit or call (408) 243-0222. 

Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County serves over 54,000 people each year by providing job skills training & placement, older adult services, mental health & substance abuse counseling, housing assistance, financial education, immigration support, and refugee resettlement. For more information, visit or call (408) 468-0100. 

Parents Helping Parents provides children and adults with special needs the support and services they need to reach their full potential by providing information, training, and resources. For more information, visit or call (408) 727-5775. 

Silicon Valley Independent Living Center is a disability justice organization that provides Santa Clara County residents with all types of disabilities the support tools and resources needed to live interdependently, and advocates for policies that ensure equal access and opportunity for all. For more information, visit or call (408) 894-9041, TTY: 669-231-4793. 

YWCA Silicon Valley works to eliminate racism and empower women by promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity through counseling, support services, child care, and education & outreach. For more information, visit or call (408) 295-4011. 

If you have a community organization you would like to include in this newsletter, please contact

Upcoming City Council Meetings

November 2017 City Council Meetings 

November 7th - 1:30 p.m.
November 14th - 1:30 p.m. & 6:00 p.m.
November 21st - Cancelled due to holiday closure 
November 28th - 1:30 p.m. & 6:00 p.m.

If you are unable to attend a meeting in person, you can watch it live online. 

**City Hall and other city offices, with the exception of critical city services, will be closed on Friday, November 10th in observance of Veterans Day and Thursday, November 23rd - Friday, November 24th in observance of the Thanksgiving Holiday.**

Events in the Community

5th Annual Fall Plant Sale Bonanza - Join Our City Forest at the Community Nursery on Saturday, November 3rd for 30% off select trees, live local music, refreshments, and arts & crafts. You can also reserve your living holiday tree. Check out the flyer for more information. 

Gen2Gen SJ - On Wednesday, November 8th, hear from Mayor Liccardo and community leaders about intergenerational volunteer opportunities. You will learn how adults 50+ can offer their wisdom and expertise to uplift San José youth through meaningful intergenerational activities. RSVP here or check out the flyer for more information. 

District 1 Interfaith Council - Faith leaders from across District 1 will join for a meeting at the International Christian Center of San José on Wednesday, November 15th at 12 p.m. Join your fellow faith leaders for an open discussion on how faith groups can come together to provide resources to our communities in preparation for local disasters and support district-wide community projects on an ongoing basis. To RSVP, contact Pastor Chris Nallan at or (408) 243-0256. Meetings will be held regularly on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at rotating locations. 

Downtown Ice Opens November 17th - The ever-popular Downtown Ice, which hosts thousands of families from across the Bay Area each year, will kick-off the holiday season with opening night on Friday, November 17th at 6 p.m. The outdoor ice rink will be open until January 15th, 2018. Details on hours and pricing can be found at

13th Annual Applied Materials Silicon Valley Turkey Trot - Register now and join this Bay Area holiday tradition with friends and family on Thursday, November 23rd in Downtown San José! Your registration supports five valuable local charities that focus on families in need. This run/walk features 5K and 10K distances, along with a Kids Fun Run and a festive costume contest. Learn more at

Lynbrook Craft Faire 2017 - On November 18th, celebrate the 37th Annual Lynbrook Holiday Craft Faire, featuring handcrafted items from over 100 vendors. It is one of the largest in the West Valley and the perfect place to find a gift for young and old alike. Enjoy hot food, great music, a bake sale, artwork, and raffles. Admission is free and all proceeds from the event will benefit Lynbrook's Orchestra, Concert Band, Marching Band, Jazz Band and Wind Ensemble. Check out the event website


Lori Mitchell Named as Director of San José's new Community Energy Department - On October 17th, City Council ratified Lori Mitchell's appointment as Director of the newly formed San José Clean Energy. Mitchell brings over 20 years of experience in the renewable energy and utility industry and most recently served as Acting Director of Energy Infrastructure at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. Mitchell will be responsible for launching San José's new Community Choice Energy program, which will provide cost-competitive electricity rates for San José residents & businesses and lower our collective greenhouse gas emissions. Learn more about San José Clean Energy

Rosario Neaves Named as Director of Communications - Last month, Rosario Neaves was appointed by City Manager Dave Sykes as San José's new Director of Communications. Neaves brings nearly two decades of experience as a communications leader in both the public and private sectors, most recently serving as Director of Communications and Public Affairs at the San Antonio Housing Authority. Neaves will serve as the spokesperson and primary media contact for the City administration and will oversee citywide communications and programs that manage the city website, public access channel, videography, and public records requests. 

Growing Your Food Enterprise Needs Assessment Survey - Final call for San Jose food entrepreneurs! This summer, Sustainable Agriculture Education (SAGE) launched its "growing your food enterprise" needs assessment to seek the input of food entrepreneurs about the resources and facilities they need to grow their business. If you or someone you know is a current or aspiring food entrepreneur, please take a moment to complete the survey and share your feedback! The survey is also available in Spanish and Vietnamese. For more information, please visit SAGE's website to learn about the implementation of the San Jose Food Works project.

Meet Your Councilmember

If you or your neighbors would like to organize a small gathering in one of your homes I would be more than happy to come and visit. It would be a chance for me to hear from you directly about your neighborhood and meet you face to face. Please email if you are interested in organizing a meeting.

My San Jose

is a newly launched smartphone application that allows any resident of San Jose to report common city requests such as graffiti, abandoned vehicles, illegal dumping, and many others! Download it today if you haven’t already. Available for iPhone and Android.


Office Hours

Councilmember Chappie Jones brings City Hall to you! Come share your concerns, offer your insights, or ask questions. Remember, no appointment is necessary! Drop by one of the two locations in the District!

Printable flyer with upcoming dates, times, and locations.
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