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This month on GraveTells!

June 2016 was a HOT month, and not just in temperature! Read on for the best of the month on and to find out this month's Subscriber Love winner. Pre-order links for July releases, review flashbacks, and lots of other romance goodness are seconds away! 

Book of the Month

Now, you all know I'm not exactly a New Adult fangirl, but Cecy Robson's Inseverable just grabbed my heart and kept on squeezing! I ADORED this NA/military romance between an ex-Army Ranger sniper and a youthful, vibrant, peace-loving lifeguard. Passion and romance? Check! Unexpected and off-the-wall humor? You bet! Mature, believable characters and plot arc? So much YES! Inseverable is an incredible read and you should absolutely check it out, even if you think you don't like NA!

Click here to see my review of Cecy Robson's Inseverable!

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These books SIZZLED. If you're looking for a hot read, feast your eyes (and brain) on the the sexiest books GraveTells reviewed this month and consider taking one of these bad boys home today! *fans self*

July 2016 Pre-Orders

Some exciting releases coming up in July! J.T. Geissinger's new Wicked Games series will be published through Jack's House, an independent publisher established by romance legend Marie Force. I can't wait to take a peek at those two! I'm a huge fan of Lilah Pace's Asking for It series, so His Royal Secret is practically burning up my Kindle while it waits its turn. Then, of course, there's the queen herself, J.R. Ward. Her second Bourbon Kings novel is out this month, and if you haven't read The Bourbon Kings yet, you MUST check it out! (Click here to see my review!) 

Reviews coming soon! Click below to pre-order...

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Quote of the month:

“I see now why Alexandra started the Bad Word Jar, since you seem to spend so much time with Mackenzie.”

“What do you mean?”

She shrugs. “She talks like you. It’s not every day you hear a four-year-old say Prince Charming is a douchebag who’s only holding Cinderella back.”

That’s my girl.

“Swearing is good for the soul.”

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Tangled by Emma Chase...


Blast back to the past and revisit a memorable review from this month in 2012...

The Vampire Shrink
(Kismet Knight, Ph.D., Vampire Psychologist #1)
by Lynda Hilburn

4.5 / 5, a "must read!"

Another super old one! 

GT reviewer Molly loved this one! Check it out below to find out why...

Dr. Kismet Knight, a psychologist based out of Denver, does not believe in vampires. That all changes after a fateful session with a vamp wannabe new client that claims to hang out with them and Kismet is opened to a side of Denver she thought impossible to exist. After a string of dead exsanguinated teens comes to light, Kismet finds herself not only in a love triangle with head of the local vamp coven, Deveraux, and FBI investigator Special Agent Alan, but the new fixation of a dark, demented vampire that is the embodiment of pure evil.
Read the review on GraveTells!

Subscriber LOVE

This month's Subscriber Love winner is Buffy Kennedy (B****! If you're the lucky winner, email me (reply to this email) before 7/8 so I can send your prize. If you miss the deadline, no worries! Watch for your name next month for another try! =)  

June 2016 
Giveaway Winners

Most of June's giveaway winners were chosen by the publishers and authors hosted on GraveTells, but I did finally choose a winner for the April MASTER interview spot with Eden Bradley. So congratulations to Elaine G on winning the Amazon Gift Card and ebook bunde!  

More goodies coming in July! Lots of new promos you'll love!

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