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This month on GraveTells!

August 2016 was a crazy month for me personally, so GraveTells was a little bit quieter than usual. I could have done without the sauna that was 100-degree-hot Texas hill country and the trip to the emergency vet at midnight, but I'm back in foggy San Francisco now—where the weather is reasonable and predictable!—and my elderly kitty is doing much better.  I only featured a few books on GraveTells last month, but they were all excellent! Choosing this month's Book of the Month was tough! Read on for the best of the month on and for a special update on subscriber prizes (psst: I want to send you a present on your birthday, so don't skip that part!)

Pre-order links for September / October releases, flash fiction, review flashbacks, and lots of other romance goodness are seconds away! 

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Book of the Month

Post-apocalyptic romance is just so damn hard to get right, and Rebecca Zanetti has really nailed it in her Scorpius Syndrome series. These stories are a beacon of hope in a scary, violent, chaotic world: the heroes are alpha badasses with heart, their leading ladies are highly intelligent and very capable, and the world itself delivers an alluring mix of gritty realism and scorching romance. 

Raze Shadow is an unforgettable hero, and Vinnie Wellington is a hell of a survivor. If something like Scorpius Syndrome were to happen in real life, I sure hope I find a group like the Vanguard to take my chances with!

Click here to read my review of Shadow Falling by Rebecca Zanetti!


Click to see why I loved Shadow Falling!

Twisted and hot

Just like the unexpected twist of the 100+ degree temperatures of my Texas adventure, GraveTells's August featured books shook things up a little, in a wickedly sexy way! If you missed these the first time around, check 'em out now!
I've been having a TON of fun with the Featured Authors for Coastal Magic 2017, subjecting them to all sorts of wacky flash fiction prompts! If you're not familiar with flash fiction, that's where an author writes a short story incorporating some (usually disparate) elements. Check out what the fab CM Featured Authors have come up with so far...

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Dee's prompts:
  • Length: 400-700 words
  • Setting: a deserted beach
  • Item to include: an old Sony Walkman tape player with just one song on it. (choose anything from the 1980’s)
  • Goal: the character is running to or from something 
  • Tone: whimsical and/or inspirational
Dee also posted her flash fiction piece on her website and explains where it fits into the overall story world. Check it out here: on GraveTells | on
Amy's prompts:
  • Length: 500-800 words
  • Setting: A bustling beach in a tourist town
  • Headline of a news story to somehow incorporate: “An Epic Lego Shipwreck Has Been Washing Thousands of Lego Onto Beaches”
  • Character mindset: The character is perplexed about some upcoming decision (take that however you like)
  • Tone: Whatever works best, but if you need another parameter to guide the story, go with comical and/or ironic with maybe a twist of angst
  • Photo for additional inspiration:
Readers loved Amy's scene with her quirky men from the m-m romance Fish Out of Water. Read the flash fiction piece here!
Rebecca's prompts:
  • Length: 500-800 words
  • Setting: An empty beach with something eerie about it
  • Item to include: An austere bronze statue of Donald Trump that is wearing a hot pink tutu
  • Sounds to include: Toxic by Britney Spears playing in open air and/or someone singing the words
  • Tone: The calm before the storm, a feel of latent energy in the air
  • Characters: Include at least one character from Shadow Falling
I wasn't sure if the Trump prompt was too politically charged, but Rebecca took it on anyway and I LOVED how she incorporated it! Check out the piece here

And PSST! This giveaway is STILL OPEN! Head on over to enter!

September 2016 Pre-Orders

Since September is already underway, some of these are no longer pre-orders (you can buy em right now!). But since GraveTells still plans to feature them, I wanted to share the links anyway. =) Here's what's coming to GT this month... 

Coming soon! Click below to buy or pre-order...

*Denotes GraveTells affiliate link. the pretty pictures below to snag your pre-orders!

(not all books from the list above are shown below)

In August of 2014, GraveTells hosted Felecity Heaton and her Eternal Mates series release Tempted by a Rogue Prince*.

This paranormal series is not your typical werewolf-and-vampire dominated story world. Here you'll find demons and fairies and elves (oh my!), and "going to hell" takes on a whole new meaning.

Click here to check out Felicity's guest post on GT!

Quote of the month:

“This is a once in a zillion opportunity, Quaid.  How often do people get a second chance to find love with their once-in-a-lifetime?  I believe in you as a person.  I believe in your essence.  No one, nothing can change that.”

Read the GraveTells August 2013 review of 
Rush by Joan Swan...


Blast back to the past and revisit a memorable review from this month in 2015...

30 Days (30 Days #1) by Christine d'Abo

Rating: 9.1 / 10


"This book made me laugh and cry, in just about equal measures. The storytelling is so genuine, you can’t help but fall in love with Alyssa, Harrison, and Rob. Ms. d’Abo writes from her heart, and her message in 30 days shines with sparkling clarity. This story sweeps readers through all the emotions that come with loss, sex, and new love, and charms us with humor and characters that feel real. Whether or not you have ever lost someone you loved, 30 Days is an absolute bump-right-up-to-the-top-of-your-TBR must read!"

Read the review to find out why I loved this story so much!
Read the review on GraveTells!
Okay peeps, here's the deal! I have a TON of books to give away, and the people I want most to give them to are YOU, my loyal GraveTells subscribers.

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And I have bags of swag too (you can see some of it siting right there in front on the bottom right). So if you're thinking "YES! I'm convinced! You can send me free goodies on my birthday!" then here's what to do next...
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