ReadyStageMove™ - Home Offices that Renew & Inspire - January 2015
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ReadyStageMove™ Team - Bernadette Flaim,
Jean Marie Herron and Maria Rini

Are You Ready to Develop Your Own Strategic Partnerships
in 2015? 


If 2015 is YOUR year -- NOW is the time to purchase the
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The ReadyStageMove™ system teaches you what it takes to develop effective strategic partnerships, This proven methodology can also help you develop an effective strategy to work by referral.

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Hands-On Training?

In addition to receiving all the tools you will need to successfully grow your business as well as your database of relationships, you will also receive a very special bonus:  an exclusive opportunity to work "hands-on" with the ReadyStageMove™ team in preparing (organizing, staging and marketing) a home for sale in Paramus, NJ using the ReadyStageMove™ system! Be part of the process from start to finish -- experience the secret of the system for yourself!
This offer is open to all Real Estate Agents, Organizers and Stagers who purchase the ReadyStageMove™ System now through January 31st -- so don't delay . . . purchase your ReadyStageMove™ System today!  



RSM™ Presents . . .
Save the Date
RSM™ Webinar
Date: Monday, 1/19/15
Time: 10:00 a.m. 
45 minutes 

TOPIC:  A Team Approach to Selling a Home --
Developing Strategic Partnerships with
Real Estate Agents, Organizers and Stagers 


Register online -
Downsizing for Dummies
Date: Wednesday, 1/21/15   SPECIAL EVENT 
Montvale Evangelical Church, Montvale, NJ 
. . . that RSM's™ Strategic Partners also have their own businesses? Here's what they've been up to . . .
Properties properly prepared, sell anytime of year. Bernadette staged a "triple header" in early December - three units at the Horizon House luxury co-ops in Fort Lee, NJ. This was a special project not just due to its magnitude, but because it took her two years to successfully nurture and develop a relationship with the development's management company. Her patience has paid off -- the management company was happy with the results and she has already been referred to one of their real estate agents to work on another staging project. 

Jean Marie recently attended the NY/NJ National Association of Professional Organizers Golden Circle Conference in Asbury Park, NJ. A “Golden Circle” member is the designation from NAPO for a person who has been professionally organizing for over five years. Besides being a Golden Circle member, Jean Marie is also in the Moving and Relocation SIG (Special Interests Groups) within the NAPO umbrella. Every month these SIG members join forces on a nationwide teleconference call for further professional development purposes.

Maria has joined the exclusive network of real estate professionals around the country committed to assisting physicians with their residential real estate and relocation needs.  With the DRS Agent designation, Maria has clearly differentiated herself from her peers in helping medical professionals.“The DRS Agent training and resources have provided me with the knowledge and expertise in working with the unique needs and demands of physicians,” said Maria. 

. . . Here's what RSM's been up to . . .

National Association of Professional Organizers - NY
January Chapter Meeting 

ReadyStageMove™ was the featured speaker at this month's  NAPO-NY's chapter meeting.

They shared what it takes to develop strategic partnerships between Organizers,  REALTORS® and Home Stagers, highlighting the importance of these valuable relationships: 
 Expanded level of expertise
 Viewed as the “home expert”
Serving as an information “hub” for clients 

Happy New Year from ReadyStageMove™

We hope that your celebration of the recent holidays was a wonderful time to connect with family and friends, enjoy the spirit of the season and perhaps find ways, personally and professionally, to feel inspired by the endless possibilities the New Year can bring. So . . . where do you start? This month's featured article, "Home Offices that Renew and Inspire" will show you when to consider things like space, furniture placement and color in order to create a home office that will provide you with the perfect environment to make you more productive in 2015.

Another new year is upon us -- now is the perfect time to refresh and renew your approach on doing things more effectively and efficiently . . . start by creating a work space that can help you do just that. You will also want to find time to take advantage of working on your professional development or business plans by attending a ReadyStageMove™ upcoming class, webinar or social event. 

Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015,

Bernadette, Jean Marie and Maria 

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Home Offices that Renew and Inspire
by Bernadette Flaim   

The holidays are over and if you're like me, reluctantly, it may be time to head back to the office -- hopefully finding ways to feel inspired by the endless possibilities a New Year can bring. 

If it's a home office that's calling you, and your 'resolve' is to be more productive -- then your office design should consider things like available space, furniture placement, organization, color and comfort.
cool colors
Color -- even working from home can be stressful and easily distracting -- choose colors that provide a sense of calm like shades of green, blue or beige.

mapped office
Simple and Sophisticated
A home office can also provide comfort and style by using art and accessories that showcase your interests -- this metal-based table keeps the space open and airy and the wing-backed chair may have been "borrowed" from another room in the house, but certainly works here.  

Multipurpose -- when your office needs to work "double-duty," furniture placement and organization is critical. This u-shaped layout provides lots of surface space for multitasking; the bookcases allow for plenty of vertical storage. 

This office offers two work stations and still provides for organized, stylish storage all on one wall! 
Space at a Premium?
This space was creatively carved into this valuable bit of "real estate" under the stairs; still taking into consideration the architecture of the home. Don't you love the enclosed storage?

Here's one of my favorites -- this sofa table creates an instant work area -- the top is recycled barn board and the base is old plumbing pipe -- a wonderful example of 'upcycling.' 
I think we can all agree, that to be productive offices, home or otherwise, should always be functional. As you can clearly see, though, they can also be comfortable, stylish and even beautiful. 

It's a New Year and the possibilities are endless -- it only takes some creativity and planning on your part. Just like the redesign of a home office that will really work for you.  

Here's to a happy and productive 2015!
Visit The Flaim Group - Home Staging & Redesign
for more information on refreshing, renew and redecorating any space in your home. 

What is ReadyStageMove™?  

ReadyStageMove™ (RSM™) is a proven method of selling homes that is essential to growing your business. The RSM™ System comprises a "How-to" Guide and accompanying materials that will successfully help you develop relationships with the "Real Estate Triad" of professionals -- real estate agents, organizers and stagers.

From this unique approach, you will learn how to affectively develop strategic partnerships for getting a home sold taking your business to the next level by increasing qualified leads and clients and, therefore, income. 
Want to build your own strategic partnerships?
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