ReadyStageMove™ - "Creative Curb Appeal for the Holidays  " - December 2015
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ReadyStageMove™ Team
Jean Marie Herron and Bernadette Flaim


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Date: Friday, 12/18/15
Time: 10:00-10:30 a.m. 



How do You Effectively Sell the RSM™ Team Approach to Your Client?

This presentation, will discuss the benefits of using the RSM™ team approach when preparing properties for sale BEFORE they go on the market. We will address some common objections as well as frequently asked questions about not only the process, but its value.


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RSM™ Classes 

"When You Are Ready to Sell, Are You Ready to be Seen?"
Mahwah Public Library
100 Ridge Road
Date: Saturday, 1/16/16 
Time: 2:00 - 3:30 p.m.

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ReadyStageMove™ will show you what it takes to strategically prepare your home for sale so that you can make the most money possible, quickly, with the least amount of stress. Whether you are downsizing, rightsizing or just thinking about moving, ReadyStageMove™ can inspire you to do all the work upfront BEFORE the “For Sale” sign goes into the lawn.

For registration information, call the
Mahwah Public Library 
at 201-529-2183 


What is ReadyStageMove™?  
ReadyStageMove™ (RSM™) is a proven method of selling homes that is essential to growing your business. The RSM™ System comprises a "How-to" Guide and accompanying materials that will successfully help you develop relationships with the "Real Estate Triad" of professionals -- real estate agents, organizers and stagers.

From this unique approach, you will learn how to affectively develop strategic partnerships for getting a home sold taking your business to the next level by increasing qualified leads and clients and, therefore, income. 

Want to build your own strategic partnerships?

ReadyStageMove™ Seasonal Special

ReadyStageMove™ (RSM™) uses a team approach that includes a real estate agent, professional organizer and home staging specialist. When these professionals work synergistically preparing and marketing a client’s house, they ensure that a home is fixed up, organized and staged properly to sell quickly and for more profit.

The RSM™ system includes everything to help you identify, evaluate and build your strategic partnerships that help you grow your business, your expertise and your value to home sellers.

In the spirit of the season, give yourself the gift of "professional development" by incorporating ReadyStageMove™ as part of your marketing plan to "rev your revenue" in 2016! 

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If you have been thinking about adding the ReadyStageMove™ System to your
marketing mix, now is the time! 


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We Wish You . . . from ReadyStageMove™  


At this time of year, it is a joy to pause and say "Thank You" to the many people -- especially our ReadyStageMove™ members, clients and strategic partners -- who have made our success -- and theirs -- possible. 

"The holiday season is the perfect time to reflect on our blessings and seek out ways to make life better for those around us." ~ Terri Marshall

No matter what you may celebrate, the ReadyStageMove™ Team wishes you happiness and prosperity through your strategic partnerships this holiday season and in the coming year

Bernadette & Jean Marie
The RSM™ Team

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"Selling or Not -- Creative Curb Appeal for the Holidays"
by Bernadette Flaim

Like many of you, I have spent the last two weeks getting my home decked out for the holidays . . . using just the right amount of twinkling white lights, a collection of wreaths, (and more lights), fresh greens, (and still more lights), home grown cotoneaster berries, (and, yes, just a few more lights) and . . . of course, LOTS of red plaid ribbon. 

I tell both my design and staging clients that although thoughtfully decorating the outside of their homes for the holiday can certainly add the perfect touch of warmth this time of year, from a staging or "design" perspective, it is better to decorate for the "winter season" rather than the "holiday season." This kind of decor provides an inviting, festive look, but with a longevity that provides greater appeal for anyone selling, or simply one that will carry them stylishly through the winter months.

So . . . instead of inflatables, Santa and his sleigh, colored lights or (my beloved) red plaid ribbon . . .  
Consider a garden cart or vintage sled decked with fresh greens, holly, cotoneaster branch clippings, pine cones, kale, etc.

Even subtle evergreen wreaths WITHOUT ornaments 
can be left hanging well into the New Year. 

All of these items can be harvested from your yard at no additional 
cost and have real lasting power due to the cool/cold weather --

Also, if the house's style dictates, consider solar powered candles in the windows -- even in a vacant home that is staged for sale -- on a timer, they will not need to be tended to as they turn on and off by themselves! 

Selling or not, it's important to remember that "winter" doesn't need to put a damper on a home's curb appeal, but can rather create a wonderful, festive mood that will not only last until spring, but hopefully please your neighbors or, if need be, draw your prospective buyers in! 



Welcome to our Newest RSM™ Community Member!   

Jocelyn Kenner 
See Your Way Clear - Organizing Solutions for Easier Living
New York, NY  

One of RSM's™ Favorite
Strategic Partners  

ReadyStageMove™ recommends Cena Block of Sane Spaces. She helps small business owners who may be struggling to 'manage it all' in the time they have!  She is also the creator of the Time & Space Style Inventory™. Cena helps her clients create systems and build support so their business fuels a lifestyle they love by design. Her clients gain clarity, ignite passions, increase productivity and create time to enjoy their lives again. She can be reached at:;  


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