ReadyStageMove™ - "What's Your Before and After?" - May 2015
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ReadyStageMove™ Team - Bernadette Flaim,
Jean Marie Herron and Maria Rini


Member Spotlight



ReadyStageMove™ Welcomes Merle Martin
to the RSM™ Community! 

She is a highly recognized and successful local real estate agent with Matthews & Company™ in Montclair, NJ. She has experience in single family, multi-family, condominium, and rental properties. Licensed as a Salesperson in 2000 and as a Broker-Associate in 2005, Merle has received numerous awards for her achievements from the New Jersey Association of REALTORS® and Prudential Real Estate Affiliates.

Merle’s negotiating, marketing, and educating skills are enhanced by her prior work experience as a vocational counselor, attorney, and law school instructor. She is a graduate of Beaver College (BA), now Arcadia University, and New York Law School (JD), and has lived in Montclair, NJ, since 1986.

Merle attended RSM's™ recent Hands-OnTraining and this is what she had to say about it: 

What a brilliant idea you had to conduct a RSM™ training seminar in real -time, at a real client's property, with all of its real challenges. Having the opportunity to participate with you -- the organizer, the REALTOR® and the stager - was invaluable. Though many of the required tasks could be handled by more than one of you, it was helpful to see how the work boundaries were set and how the collaborative approach played out. I appreciated your explanation and demonstration of how to get the client on board to do the things that were required of her so her property would be ready for the spring market on schedule. I can always use help setting expectations and limits!

Your experiential training format, where I was able to help as a "laborer" with the other "trainees," gave a real feeling for how to make the process work and how much can be accomplished in a given period of time. It was also great that during the event, as each of you moved around the house, you thought out loud so we could hear your analyses, client dialogues, and professional wisdom about the process.

Merle Martin, Matthews & Company™
Montclair, NJ 


Hands-On Training Alert! 
RSM™ members came together in February to work along side the ReadyStageMove™ team with the opportunity to learn first-hand the secrets behind the RSM™ system in preparing and staging a home for sale. Members broke up into teams organizing and staging the property -- experiencing what it takes to successfully work as a team, learning the details and logistics of the RSM™ process from start to finish. After the sellers completed what the hands-on team had started, the house was staged by Bernadette Flaim and professionally photographed by Ryan Damiano of Front Door Photography.

REALTOR®, Maria Rini called only eight days after the home was listed with GREAT news! The sellers had accepted an offered at full asking price! 
Members who participated in the hands-on training will receive before and after pictures that they can add to their portfolios as well as use as an example showing their prospective clients the power of the ReadyStageMove™ process.  


RSM™ Presents . . .
Save the Date
RSM™ Webinar
Date: Friday, 5/22/15
Time: 10:00-11:00 a.m. 

RSM™ Kit Members - FREE
Non-Members - $20


How to Partner up with
Organizers and Stagers Beyond
the Home Selling Experience


Register online -


Making the Move to Senior Living:
the Nuts and Bolts of It All

Date: Thursday, 5/14/15 
Five Star Premiere Residences of Teaneck
655 Pomander Walk
Teaneck, NJ 

Call: 201-836-3634 for more information

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The PowerPoint presentation seen at this event can be found in the ReadyStageMove™ Kit.  Members can customize it to
make their own public presentations. 

. . . RSM's™ favorite
Book of the Month is: 

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up
by Marie Kondo 


A client of ours handed me an article from The New York Times about The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It was a fun, fast, interesting read.This best-selling guide to decluttering your home from Japanese cleaning consultant Marie Kondo takes readers step-by-step through her revolutionary "KonMari Method" for simplifying, organizing, and storing. My favorite part of the book is when she asks her clients her most pressing question, “Does this spark joy?” And if the answer is no, her clients must eliminate whatever object is in question.

Take time to enjoy the read and ask yourself what might be life's
most important question,

Jean Marie

In Case You Missed It . . .

RSM's™ April Webinar 
RSM™ April webinar, “Rev Your Revenue – Creating a Resource List That Markets You!” covered their top five reasons on how to use this document (found in the RSM™ Kit) to effectively market your business:
  1. This "leave behind" document, customized with your contact information, can be used to market your business as well as shared with your clients and colleagues.
  2. Offers proof on how you work.
  3. Shows professionalism and teamwork.
  4. Shows you care about your clients possessions.
  5. Serves as a branding opportunity. 
NOTE:  The day of the webinar, Jean Marie drove home and by chance ran into her neighbor, Mike. He mentioned that he and his wife were going to put their house on the market June 1st. Jean Marie asked if they had a REALTOR® and he said, "not exactly, but they planned to interview a few." So JM went home and wrote a personal card recommending Maria Rini and also offered her help in any way they might need. In her note, she enclosed her own De-Cluttering Resource List in the card and placed it in their mailbox the next morning. By dinner time that same night Elaine, the wife, was knocking on Jean Marie's door inviting her over to see their house. During the tour, Elaine asked many staging questions. So guess who JM recommended? Right, Bernadette. Tune in next month to see who they hired to help them sell, de-clutter, fix and stage their home!


Happy Spring from ReadyStageMove™  


Is it possible? Has spring FINALLY sprung? . . . Like the budding flower that suddenly blooms, spring is a series of "befores and afters." This month's featured article, "What is Your Before and After?" talks about the power of life's "befores and afters" -- those that you present to your clients, to those you might like to work with and most important, those that are exclusively yours -- what you do "before and after" that makes you most effective in your personal and professional life. 

Spring is also the time to reflect on what has come before, allowing you to identify what you want your "after" to be. It's easy to make the "after" you envision a reality and, just like the spring, now is the perfect time to breathe new life into your business. An easy way to do this is to make ReadyStageMove™ a part of your new and improved business model. As a member of the RSM™ community, you will quickly discover the secrets behind the system, which can help you develop and grow effective strategic business partnerships. It is always the perfect time to work your business smarter -- using this unique and creative team approach to marketing and selling homes. 

Don't wait, refresh and renew your business today -- consider attending a ReadyStageMove™ upcoming class, webinar or social event. 

"The only place success comes BEFORE work
is in the dictionary."
Vince Lombardi

Take this moment to decide . . . how do you seeYOUR after?  

The RSM™ Team

If you like what you have read, please feel free to share with a friend . . . 

"What's Your Before and After?"
by Bernadette Flaim 

Simply put, I LOVE what I do . . . but, my most favorite thing? -- whether it's a room redesign or home staging -- it has to be seeing and sharing my "before and after" project photos. To the client?:  the visual comparison that dramatically shows the creative transformation of each and every space, or what's known in the business as the "big reveal." To someone I might like to work with?:  a powerful marketing tool showing the value and creative inspiration I can provide. And to me?:  an opportunity to go back -- a time to review, reflect and, most important, remember what a space used to be and still is, but only better. 

Vacant Staging  - After Photo: Ryan Damiano, Front Door Photography

With the use of "smart furniture" and a pop of color, this small and undefined space now seems to double in size. 

master bedroom before/after
Luxury Waterfront Townhouse - After Photo: Ryan Damiano,
Front Door Photography

New furniture is introduced worthy of a "master" as well as the addition of just the perfect bedding, art and decor. There is even enough room for a complementary accent chair; creating a comfortable reading nook, all appealing to the demographic and "psychographic" of the prospective buyer. 

My "before and after" moments in business clearly illustrate how beautiful inviting spaces are made which, when selling a home, successfully connect with prospective buyers. These expert images are integral in effectively marketing REALTORS'® properties that are captured in the "perfect" professional MLS photograph. 

So . . . what's your before and after? 

Visit The Flaim Group LLC for more information on helping you create your own "before and after" in any space in your home. 

ReadyStageMove™ Welcomes Their Latest Members

Nicole Athas 
Professional Organizer
Practically Organized
Arlington, VA  

Cindy Bernstein
Professional Organizer
Pikesville, MD

Susan O'Connell 
Professional Organizer
Just SO Organized 
Guilford, CT  

Michele Morgan
Professional Organizer
Morgan Organizers 
Potomac, MD 

Visit the RSM™ directory for more information
on each of ReadyStageMove's™ newest
members as well as the services they offer. 

What is ReadyStageMove™?  
ReadyStageMove™ (RSM™) is a proven method of selling homes that is essential to growing your business. The RSM™ System comprises a "How-to" Guide and accompanying materials that will successfully help you develop relationships with the "Real Estate Triad" of professionals -- real estate agents, organizers and stagers.

From this unique approach, you will learn how to affectively develop strategic partnerships for getting a home sold taking your business to the next level by increasing qualified leads and clients and, therefore, income. 

Want to build your own strategic partnerships?

. . . Here's where RSM is going next . . .

Five Star Premier Residences
Teaneck, NJ 

Attendees learn how de-cluttering, organizing and staging techniques can mean a care-free, stress-free move and thousands more in the sale of their home. Some class highlights included:  Get a handle on your clutter, show off your home’s space and architectural features by apply staging techniques, avoid critical maintenance issues and learn the “8 Deadly Pricing Myths” and learn about moving made easy. (A version of this public presentation is included in the RSM™ Kit.) 
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"Having partners definitely allows you to
take more risks."
~ Ariana Huffington 
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