ReadyStageMove™ - "Secure Yourself This Summer" - June 2015
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ReadyStageMove™ Team - Bernadette Flaim,
Jean Marie Herron and Maria Rini


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How to Partner up with
Organizers and Stagers Beyond
the Home Selling Experience


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"Having partners definitely allows you to
take more risks."
~ Ariana Huffington 

What is ReadyStageMove™?  
ReadyStageMove™ (RSM™) is a proven method of selling homes that is essential to growing your business. The RSM™ System comprises a "How-to" Guide and accompanying materials that will successfully help you develop relationships with the "Real Estate Triad" of professionals -- real estate agents, organizers and stagers.

From this unique approach, you will learn how to affectively develop strategic partnerships for getting a home sold taking your business to the next level by increasing qualified leads and clients and, therefore, income. 

Want to build your own strategic partnerships?

ReadyStageMove™ Welcomes Their Latest Members

Rosanne Aragona
RE/MAX Preferred Profession
Bridgewater, NJ 

Cindy Mussman 
Home Stager
Stellar Stagings LLC
North Brunswick, NJ  

Regina Sanchez
Professional Organizer
Regina Sanchez - Professional Organizer
Windsor, CT 

Visit the RSM™ directory for more information
on each of ReadyStageMove's™ newest
members as well as the services they offer. 

RSM™ Knows What They are
"Talking" About 
ReadyStageMove™ (RSM™) offers a variety of workshops, presentations and "lunch and learns" to private and public audiences. Topics include: 
A Team Approach to Selling A Home 

Downsizing for Dummies

How to Partner Organizers and Stagers Beyond the Home Selling Experience

Moving Magic 

Maximize the Dollars, Minimize the Stress and Move!

and many more . . . 

We educate real estate agents, organizers and stagers who would like to take their business to the next level. Their webinars and workshops cover what it takes to work with these three industry experts and will also provide details on how to formulate strategic partnerships as well as the basics of working by referral ultimately giving our audience an understanding of RSM™'s methodology.

In the public arena, we educate homeowners about the advantages and opportunities of working with a team of experts when preparing their homes for sale BEFORE it goes on the market, so they can successfully market and sell their properties using this systematic method of de-cluttering, staging and listing. Using this approach allows for a quick sale, for the most amount of profit possible in the least amount of time.

ReadyStageMove™ also offers their "Words of Wisdom" covering a variety of organizing, staging ad real estate topics in their informative blog. 
Happy Summer from ReadyStageMove™  


School's out for summer and it's time for some fun in the sun! This month's featured article, "Sunscreen for Identity Theft" talks about the security of your home and identifies what to do should somebody sneak in while you are away, or at anytime of the year.

Summertime is filled with family, fun and an opportunity to slow down the pace of everyday life. It is also the chance to  to prepare your business in order to land on your feet running when fall arrives. An easy way to do this is to make ReadyStageMove™ a part of your new and improved business model. As a member of the RSM™ community, you will quickly discover the secrets behind the system, which can help you develop and grow effective strategic business partnerships. It is always the perfect time to work your business smarter -- using this unique and creative team approach to marketing and selling homes. 

Enjoy all that summer has to offer and take the time to consider attending a ReadyStageMove™ upcoming class, webinar or social event. 

"I don't need to worry about identity theft because no one wants to be me."Jay London  

Happy Summer, 

The RSM™ Team

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"Sunscreen for Identity Theft"
by Jean Marie Herron  


I keep meeting more and more clients who have been affected by identity theft.
So before you head out of town this summer, add an extra-layer of protection -- not just to your skin, but also to your personal and financial identification.

  1. Be Private Not Social - Do not share any personal information such as your address, phone numbers, social security number, birthdate or birth place on social networks. And beware of email scams, especially when they ask for personal information via email. Do not give it out.
  2. Shred It - Keep a shredder wherever you go through papers in your home such as bills, receipts, junk mail, computer printouts and destroy all documents that you do not need if they contain any personal information.
  3. Don't Skimp On Your Passwords - Ensure you utilize strong passwords changing them periodically. If you can, use 12 characters with a combo of numbers, capital letters and symbols. You can even make them memorable and goofy like: ofcorziamJMH.
  4. Don't Leave Your Mailbox Unattended - Especially during vacation time. Request to hold your mail at your local Post Office or ask a trusted neighbor to collect it for you.
  5. Look It Over - I know everyone is pressed for time but make it a habit to look over your bank and credit card statements. Be aware of activity that you didn't take.


If someone was able to steal your identity, act swiftly and here's what to do:
  • Go right to the three credit reporting companies - Equifax, TransUnion and Experian and place a fraud alert on your account. They are active for 90 days; after that, you will have to reactivate the alert if you still feel it is necessary.
  • File a local police report.
  • File an Identity Theft Report on the Federal Trade Commission's website at 
  • Contact your bank, credit card companies and loan companies to place a fraud alert on your account or close your existing accounts.

TIP - While packing for a summer trip, copy everything in your wallet both front and back. Keep this hard copy somewhere safe and/or scan this to your computer and/or photograph it on your phone. This way if you lose your purse or someone snatches your wallet, you will now have the information and know who to call for replacements and cancellations as in the "After Measures" protection above. 

Did You Know? - If a thief gets your pocketbook you should change the locks on your home to be on the safe side because he can get your address from your identification.


Visit POSSE Partners LLC for more information on helping you organize and secure your vital documents. 

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