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How do you know when it's time to pivot?

Whether it's your business plan or your career, I'd guess that a total of zero of us have stayed on the same track throughout its entirety. For example: I graduated from college thinking I was going to be a diplomat in the Middle East, and now I get paid for Tweeting GIFs and writing this newsletter. 

I'm writing an advice roundup for founders and leaders who have that gut feeling that their business needs to change, but are waiting for a sign that they can't ignore. How do you know?

I'd love to hear from you all—you can respond to me here, or we can set up a time to do a real, live interview (and put that degree of mine to work). 

- Faith




Speaking of second acts...I'm fascinated by Slack and how they went from a gaming platform to an entire market of their own,
so I wrote about it
WE LOVE A PUBLIC BETA: Notion's API is now yours for the taking. 
Love seeing so much buzz around payments innovation—this Vietnamese startup just landed seed funding to help workers access their earned wages immediately. 
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Internet Artifacts

Swipe up for the link to Tyler's phone case—certifiably indestructable!


Catch 'em while you can

These folks are now available for interviews—just hit reply if you want to set something up. 

🔥 Olivier D.: If you're building a mobile app and looking for a super-experienced technical partner, you definitely want to work with Olivier. He's been with for years and is currently available for new projects!

🔥 Yaroslav H.: Yaroslav has filled just about every role on a team, from individual software engineer to CTO, for the last fifteen years. React, Vue.js, PHP, and Laravel are his weapons of choice. 

🔥 Kendall J.: When we say Kendall is a rockstar UX/UI designer, we mean it: she designed the first iteration of our app skin! So, if you've ever been hanging out in the app thinking, dang, this is nice...hire Kendall. 

🔥 Bear C.: Bear has developed over 100 apps in the last 13 years, which, according to Malcolm Gladwell, makes him an expert. He's an iOS pro, and when he's not teaching others to be the same, he's available for new engagements. 


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