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Word from the Outpost

Ever feel like all your coolest product updates roll out ALL at the same time, and they steal each others' moment of glory? No one gets their own announcement. It's just...a bundle of cool stuff. 

(This is very clearly a marketer problem. Engineers reading this are thinking...mmhm, and what's the problem?)

ANYWAY, I have some cool news for y'all: 

This week, we rolled out Badges: little acknowledgements on developer profiles of the small things they do that we think are worth celebrating. If you're a developer on the platform, check out your profile - these get added automatically! 

We also just launched a Telegram bot, so developers can easily keep their availability updated—you can search for @Gunio_Bot on Telegram to get connected with a few interactive clicks.

What's everyone else building this week?

- Faith

PS: Do you happen to be a developer evangelist (or want to be one) who's looking for their next opportunity? Think seems super cool (duh, we are)? Shoot me an email. 


Bioelectricity, regenerating limbs, and obviously Facebook had to make a cameo in this fascinating piece: Deer can regrow their antlers, and humans can replace their liver. What else might be possible?
If you have even an iota of interest in Esports, this article will take you on a JOURNEY, and you'll be better for me. 
That time a sh*t ton of biometric data was hacked: was it BAD bad, or just your normal, run-of-the-mill, we-live-in-an-infosec-nightmare bad? 
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Internet Artifacts

Thousands of dollars on an ergonomic setup and this is still me. 


Catch 'em while you can

These folks are now available for interviews—just hit reply if you want to set something up. 

🔥 Scott Y: Based in North Carolina, Scott is known in these parts for having the most epic beard we've ever seen—and also being an absolutely baller CTO and back end engineer. 

🔥 Nathan C: Looking for your next great mobile engineer? Nathan's got your iOS stack covered, and is currently available for new projects!

🔥 Lucas S: Lucas is a Node/Python/React pro who is ready to serve as your next Software Engineer, Solution Architect, or Technical Product Manager. 

🔥 Conor O: Besides living my dream life in Santa Barbara, Conor works primarily in Node, Python, and RoR. He also has a background in MRI physics, biotech, and aerospace, which...same. 


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