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Word from the Outpost

Remember when it used to be *~cute and quirky~* that our HQ was in Nashville?

Until just a year ago, I'd get on every client or developer call ready to chat about that time they came to Nashville and saw the best performance ever on Broadway (lol), and assure them that yes, indeed, there are other booming businesses here that aren't pedal taverns. 

Now, though, it seems like someone injected rocket fuel into our little city. 

Just in the last month, I've met three people who moved here for jobs at Amazon, seen plans for the tunnel Oracle is having built to my side of town, and consoled my brother as he was outbid for a house by $100,000. 

I know this is all good stuff (except the housing thing, that part stinks), but I can't help but be a little sad that those days are over.

What do you think—is Nashville officially on the radar? 

- Faith




"My most intimate relationship of 2020 was with the internet. I did my job online, and talked to my friends online, and streamed hundreds of hours of TV that I’d already seen online, just to fill my empty apartment with human sounds." Now that we're leaving our homes again, what happens to the internet?
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