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Word from the Outpost

Update: I did manage to peel myself out of the beach chair and get back into the home office this week. I'm here to report that vacation is, indeed, an excellent idea. 

Nothing caught on fire in my absence (although one of my chickens did go broody and apparently didn't eat or drink for a few days), and I came back with a pile of fresh ideas and tangibly more energy. 

This month, I'm thinking of my non-office hours as vacation. No plans on Monday night? That's a vacation. Up early on a Saturday? Vacation. I usually schedule my days from the time I wake up until I go to sleep (I mean this literally—the team can attest that my calendar is obnoxious to behold), but for the month of June this Queen of Routine is taking a massive chill pill. 

How many days can I go without scheduling myself for a morning walk? Stay tuned. 

- Faith




Looks like Stack has a new Big Boss: Stack Overflow Sold to Tech Giant Prosus for $1.8 Billion.
This article promises to teach you about NFTs—especially if you still have a healthy distrust for them—but honestly, I got to the end and I'm still hung up on the fact that they destroyed a Banksy piece. 
This is a neat explanation for why spreading your work evenly across 8+ hours each day is futile: our brains can really only handle 3-4 hours of deep thinking per day. So, "pick your four golden hours and protect them like a mama grizzly bear."
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Internet Artifacts

Our week in three well-placed Tweets. 


Catch 'em while you can

These folks are now available for interviews—just hit reply if you want to set something up. 

🔥 Luke W: Luke is a Boston-based mobile developer who has been building apps from the ground up for over eight years. He's currently open to both freelance and full-time work—talk to him while you can! 

🔥  Paolo M: Paolo is based in Toronto (where I have it on good authority that it's still snowing), and is currently available for all of your Angular, HTML, or Node.js needs. 

🔥 Busayo A: We don't often see backend developers with an Artisan workstyle, but that's Busayo: an SQL and PHP pro with outstanding attention to detail. 

🔥 Eric M: Based in Brazil, Eric has been in the game for eleven years and can cover your fullstack needs, from architecture to frontend needs. 


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