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Word from the Outpost

By the time you read this, I'll be sipping coffee in my best friend's old Adirondack chairs, right by the bay at her fishing cottage in Florida.

We'll be getting ready to meander to the beach, where I'll trade my coffee for a Pacifico and satiate myself with all the fish tacos and oysters that I can eat (spoiler: it's a lot). I'll get a sunburn and finish a few books and convince my mom to get an ice cream cone. 

In short: I'm going on vacation, y'all. 

I say this not to make you jealous (ok, maybe a little bit), but to implore you to take a day off, too. Maybe even several. I knew it was time for me to do so last week when my phone buzzed in my pocket one too many times and I screamed at it to leave me alone. A phone. I yelled at a phone. 

So, I'm taking the weekend to disconnect, recharge, and gain a few pounds worth of seafood and peaches. It's been a year—we've all earned it, I promise. 

- Faith

p.s. any comments about my beach beer of choice will be considered by my social committee for 4th of July purposes. 



Here's the UFO thing. IDK man, IDK. 
I think the newsworthy thing here is not so much that Amazon is buying MGM (or the price tag), but that the two most lucrative series owned by MGM are listed as...Rocky and Pink Panther?
I have been writing this newsletter for many years, and so far, I have managed to avoid using this space to share words about food. But these are really good words about food. So I'm sharing it to make up for making you jealous about my culinary vacation this weekend. 
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Internet Artifacts

Welcome to the Wayfarer, Clark.


Catch 'em while you can

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