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My old, pre-2020 doom spiral life was filled with a very steady diet of audio content: music while I got ready for the day, a podcast or two on my way to work, and usually an audio book while I cleared out my inbox.

I'd typically crush a podcast season every week, in addition to my usual news routine. 

Now, I have fewer (read: virtually no) changes in my environment with which to fill with the tender tones of an amateur reporter talking about unsolved crimes. But this week, I happened to flip a podcast on as I drove to an appointment, and now I simply cannot get enough.

All that to say: what new and amazing podcasts have I missed during my year-long hiatus?

- Faith



Today I have an ears version of our usual Internet finds—and this one isn't so much of a find, as we *technically* planted. We recently had Gabe Batstone, co-founder and CEO of Contextere, on our podcast, and it's absolutely one of my favorite episodes of all time. 
Here's your weekly Coffee Read: turns out, facial expressions don't tell us squat about a person's emotions...which is a huge twist for what we thought we knew about facial recognition technology. 
For the infosec nerds: Researchers Uncover Stealthy Linux Malware That Went Undetected for 3 Years (oops). 
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Internet Artifacts

Imagine the chaos. 


Catch 'em while you can

These folks are now available for interviews—just hit reply if you want to set something up. 

🔥 Richard M: Richard is a Vancouver-based senior Android and iOS developer who is now available for his next engagement—but probably won't be for long. He specializes in ground-up builds and is an excellent choice as a technical partner. 

🔥 Steve P: Steve is the guy you call when you really need something done right the first time. Java, JS, and Python are his bread and butter, and he can knock out any full stack/DevOps needs you have. 

🔥 Johann V: If you're looking for a React pro, look no further—Johann is an Artisan who consistently gets glowing reviews from clients and is now open for his next opportunity. 

🔥 Kevin T: Larvel, React, Vue.js—Kevin's mastered it all. He's based in Hong Kong and has more 10 star reviews from clients than I can count.


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