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Vitamin C Protects Against Coronavirus

Dear Members,

the international board of the Orthomolecular News Service has pulled all the stops out to produce a practical nutritional prevention AND treatment for this Coronavirus and all similar epidemics/pandemics. The references are there, 28 of them, so you can verify everything stated here for yourself. My advice is do it now, and tell your patients.

Dr Damien Downing
BSEM President


Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, Jan 26, 2020

Vitamin C Protects Against Coronavirus

by Andrew W. Saul, Editor

(OMNS January 26, 2020) The coronavirus pandemic can be dramatically slowed, or stopped, with the immediate widespread use of high doses of vitamin C. Physicians have demonstrated the powerful antiviral action of vitamin C for decades. There has been a lack of media coverage of this effective and successful approach against viruses in general, and coronavirus in particular.

It is very important to maximize the body's anti-oxidative capacity and natural immunity to prevent and minimize symptoms when a virus attacks the human body. The host environment is crucial. Preventing is obviously easier than treating severe illness. But treat serious illness seriously. Do not hesitate to seek medical attention. It is not an either-or choice. Vitamin C can be used right along with medicines when they are indicated.

"I have not seen any flu yet that was not cured or markedly ameliorated by massive doses of vitamin C."

(Robert F. Cathcart, MD)

The physicians of the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service and the International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine urge a nutrient-based method to prevent or minimize symptoms for future viral infection. The following inexpensive supplemental levels are recommended for adults; for children reduce these in proportion to body weight:

Vitamin C: 3,000 milligrams (or more) daily, in divided doses.

Vitamin D3: 2,000 International Units daily. (Start with 5,000 IU/day for two weeks, then reduce to 2,000)

Magnesium: 400 mg daily (in citrate, malate, chelate, or chloride form)

Zinc: 20 mg daily

Selenium: 100 mcg (micrograms) daily

Vitamin C [1], Vitamin D [2], magnesium [3], zinc [4], and selenium [5] have been shown to strengthen the immune system against viruses.

The basis for using high doses of vitamin C to prevent and combat virus-caused illness may be traced back to vitamin C's early success against polio, first reported in the late 1940s.[6] Many people are unaware, even surprised, to learn this. Further clinical evidence built up over the decades, leading to an anti-virus protocol published in 1980.[7]

It is important to remember that preventing and treating respiratory infections with large amounts of vitamin C is well established. Those who believe that vitamin C generally has merit, but massive doses are ineffective or somehow harmful, will do well to read the original papers for themselves. To dismiss the work of these doctors simply because they had success so long ago sidesteps a more important question: Why has the benefit of their clinical experience not been presented to the public by responsible governmental authorities, especially in the face of a viral pandemic?

For full article including references please see HERE


Upcoming Training Events in February

7th February 2020 - Training Day - Spotlight on Hormones
8th February 2020 - Workshop - Micro-immunotherapy  Part 2

Only few spaces remaining on our upcoming Training Day - Endocrinology "Spotlight on Hormones" with some of the country's leading Bio-identical Hormone Doctors including Drs Anu Arasu, Wendy Denning and Nyjon Eccles. Furthermore, Dr Rodney Adeniyi-Jones will be speaking on thyroid disease and its treatment and Dr Jenny Goodman, author of Staying Alive in Toxic Times on preconception care. The day also includes a 1.5 hours Masterclass with case discussions and Q & A with the speakers panel, which will be joined by Dr Abbi Lulsegged, consultant endocrinologist. This BSEM Training Day will give you the rare opportunity to learn from these highly experienced clinicians and teachers. 

The Training Day is followed on Saturday, 8th February by the next Workshop on Micro-immunotherapy - Part 2. This time Gunter Schlegel will focus on the laboratory tests, in particular Lymphocyte Typing and IFT virus diagnostics with an emphasis on how to treat chronic EBV infections with Micro-immunotherapy. We encourage you to bring along your first cases so that they can be discussed in the group setting.

Please book soon, as spaces are limited for both events.

If you have any further questions about our current online courses or training in general, please get in touch with Natasa, our training coordinator on

We look forward to seeing you hopefully next week.

Dr Franziska Meuschel
BSEM Secretary


Endocrinology - "Spotlight on Hormones"

Join us on the 7th February for a day of applying ecological principles in endocrinology. "Spotlight on Hormones" will give an insight on how to treat and support hormone systems including thyroid, adrenal and sex hormones. Some of the aspects covered are: menopause, andropause and preconception care and safety of prescribing bio-identical hormones.

Confirmed speakers: Drs Wendy Denning, Nyjon Eccles, Jenny Goodman, Rodney Adeniyi-Jones and Anu Arasu.
7th February 2020
09:00  – 17:00
Hallam Conference Centre, 44 Hallam Street, London W1W 6JJ


Introduction to Micro-immunotherapy - Part 2

In the second part of the Introduction to Micro-Immunotherapy Dr Schlegel will focus on laboratory tests, including lymphocyte typing. There will be two hours allocated specifically to case demonstrations and discussion. We encourage participants to bring along their first cases / lymphocyte typing results to be able to have them discussed in the group setting. The workshop will finish at 14:00. If you would like to stay on for lunch afterwards either at the venue or a restaurant nearby, please let us know asap. Lunch is not included in the price of the workshop; it will need to be booked separately.
8th February 2020
09:00 – 14:00
Hallam Conference Centre, 44 Hallam Street, London W1W 6JJ


Singapore Lifestyle, Integrative Medicine & Sciences

An event co-organised by our partner society, the Australasian College for Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM)*

*(ACNEM member rates apply to BSEM members)

For more details and to book your space see HERE.

The Royal Society of Medicine

The place of nutrition in medical science, 1st June 2020, London

The Nutrition Section of the RSM has regular meetings and seminars and the one on the 1st June is discussing the very concepts that we as nutritional doctors and practitioners have been using for decades. It is a welcome subject and hopefully a harbinger of greater opening to the subject of nutritional medicine on the part of our colleagues in mainstream medicine. The presentations will focus on the benefits of improved nutrition education for future doctors, the impact of nutrition-savvy doctors on improving patients outcomes and public health as well as considering what constitutes effective nutrition education and how to lobby for greater inclusion of nutrition in the medical curricula.

This will be an important meeting to attend not just to learn but to contribute to the debate, engage the educators and practitioners who are new to nutrition in the real potential for change through nutritional medicine by sharing our first hand experience both clinically and as members of a Society with the longest history of training programmes in environmental and nutritional medicine in the UK.

For more details and to book your space please see HERE.

And More

SLiM Sciences 2020 Conference
28th February - 1st March 2020
Shangri-La Hotel Singapore, 22 Orange Grove Rd, Singapore 258350

BSEM Workshop Low-Dose Immunotherapy - NEW DATE
Friday, 1st May 2020
Hallam Conference Centre, 44 Hallam Street, London W1W 6JJ

BSEM Training Day 7
Friday,12th June 2020
Hallam Conference Centre, 44 Hallam Street, London W1W 6JJ
Details to follow

BSEM Conference - Mould and Mycotoxins: Infections, Allergy and other Pathologies
Saturday, 13th June 2020
Cavendish Conference Centre, 22 Duchess Mews, London W1G 9DT

European Congress for Integrative Medicine
11th - 13th September 2020
Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, Broad Sanctuary, London SW1P 3EE

BSEM Workshop
Friday, 25th September 2020
Hallam Conference Centre, 44 Hallam Street, London W1W 6JJ
Details to follow

BSEM Training Day 8
Friday, 6th November 2020
Hallam Conference Centre, 44 Hallam Street, London W1W 6JJ
Details to follow

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