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To all who contribute a financial warm heart to our Foundation or who show special interest in the work of our Foundation we would like to inform those people about activities and developments in the past half-year
(top left) The Buiten Schoolse Net brought PiP to Sri Lanka and (top right) Aqua Plus is thanked for the water supply (bottom left) Water-walk De Meent and (bottom right) Walking for Water The Brown International College Denver Colorado
Presentations/campaigns in spring 2014
Also this spring many children have been active collecting money for our foundation by Water-walks or Walking for Water. Several schools have integrated these projects in their school program. We are really thrilled about this! This year there was even international participation of children of the Brown International College Denver Colorado and the Coed Y Garn Primary School of Wales. For all our Dutch children we provided for guest lessons in which it became clear that you can’t  take drinking water and a toilet for granted!
Furthermore you find reports of other bigger actions on our website. Also, again it is breathtaking to experience to see how private initiatives are being developed. All these projects are being supported by Wilde Ganzen.

Test facilities after the last working visit
Hans Schraven, managing director of Energy Collectors Europe in Wijchen accompanied Jan last year November during his working visit in Sri Lanka. Hans saw the water problems at the poorest rural schools, especially there where there is no electricity available.
Here Hans saw his challenge because he is a real innovator. At the moment he is testing pump facilities, powered by solar energy. Durable, cheap and with simple maintenance and really easy to carry out by the local population.

Adjustment of the board
Hanny van Nuland and Lizette Steeg have parted from the board. They were standing at the cradle of our Foundation and now they are willing to assign their position to others. We now have found a good replacement and reinforcement in Els Brands, Adanech Winkler, Bjørn Hoogwout en Anny van Orsouw.
Els, Adannech and Anny have visited our projects in Sri Lanka and they know about the problems the locals confront. Bjørn, professional water expert has shown his interest in the Foundation earlier on as a member of recommendation and now has accepted a seat in our board! Everybody is highly motivated and enthusiastic for the future!

Working-visit June 2014
Accompanied by Chaminda Fernando our project manager in Sri Lanka, volunteer Joop Neefs and member of the board Adanech Winkler and Jan van der Steen has again made a working visit to inspect the projects. Below Joop’s report.
“Heartwarming, touching, sometimes very heavy, sometimes shocking but also much satisfaction."
These are the words I first think of when I think back of this working visit.
For more than 6 years I shoot films for the Foundation. This was the third time I was in Sri Lanka. After my holiday tour with my wife and friends, they went home after 3 weeks and then Jan van der Steen arrived on his half-year working visit.
Now I also had the chance to experience all this. During previous visits to Sri Lanka I already had visited some projects. This was completely different. We visited schools and habitats with mainly water and/or sanitation problems.
Unfortunately we sometimes confront situations where we can do nothing. Too much salt in the ground water occurs often in coastal areas but now we confronted another problem. Nearby a school there was a coconut plant which polluted the ground water in such a way that it needed filtering and that always gives problems. Chaminda is very involved and he became quiet tot think of a solution. When we confronted a situation which he could improve he became very alive and enthusiastic.

On moments Jan and Chaminda had to discuss things I mostly went to visit an English class. Children and teacher always liked that. Also I liked to shoot a film of a dancing class.
Highlights for me were those moments of ceremony in which a project was finished. I shot about seven films which can be seen later on the site. During shooting a film of a water well, further on in a swampy area, there were in no time about 20 leeches on my legs and between my toes. Yes, yes sometimes you have to endure things ….
Having a beer with Adanech, Chaminda and Jan at the end of the day was of course part of the job! Through these experiences I have get to know Sri Lanka even better. Also I have gotten more insight in working habits of the Foundation. The foundation who generates money for projects but also selects projects, carries out projects with the locals. It takes a lot of energy of Jan and Chaminda but it is really worthwhile!
It is a unique Foundation, because who will make a 6 hours’ drive to the inlands on a nearly daily basis? By their direct method the donation money is spent for 100%  to the projects!
Therefore I'm proud to be a volunteer of this Foundation”

Joop Neefs ’s-Hertogenbosch
Expand local contacts
The first contact with a local dairy plant has been made. In rural areas, where farmers deliver their milk, we will investigate together with the dairy plant how we can realize clean drinking water and sanitation for the poorest schools and habitats! The dairy plant benefits from improved circumstances around hygiene and specific knowledge concerning  agriculture. We can make an important contribution in this field. We have much confidence in a good and professional collaboration.

Government recognizes the importance of clean drinking water and sanitation!
The government has recognized many projects which have been carried out by our Foundation. In former years government showed an increased interest in our work. Now the government has acknowledged the importance of water and sanitation full scale!
They realize that with our knowledge they can make big steps forward! Schools and communities in the most vulnerable areas will be traced with extra effort to bring water and sanitation on a higher level. This means concretely that the Foundation and de Srilankian Government (Chief Ministry and the Provincial Department of Education of the North Western Province) will collaborate again and our way of working is safeguarded.
For our people on the spot an important extra support and for you and our Foundation in Holland a challenge to contribute to a healthy future for the juveniles in Sri Lanka!
I can look back in a positive way at the last half year. The local workers have delivered good work. Their commitment, enthusiasm and hard labor are an enrichment for the Foundation, many of them work for the Foundation for several years already. They make long days and often they aren’t home for weeks. 

Chaminda and the laborers earn all credit for this motivated team and their good work!
Jan van der Steen
Travelling Sri Lanka
Next summer many tourists leave again to Sri Lanka for a private tour with our driver. They enjoy the beautiful country, visit our projects and carry a bit as donation for the Foundation. For which the underprivileged are grateful!
For more info click here.
Thank you very much!      
Without contributions and volunteers we can’t realize drinking water and sanitation projects. For this reason we would like to thank all donors and the many volunteers, who make it possible for us to give the most underprivileged of Sri Lanka a better existence.


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