Things are getting interesting

Our plans for 2021 are adapting as we go
Thank You for your support, and keeping us in the fight

Just finished working out the complex 2019 Taxes

Next up are the 2020 Taxes, and attempting to pull the info from our websites down onto the computers, etc Then publishing that info as books

We will attempt to keep everyone in touch and aware of important 2A information as much as possible

Using new platforms, real mail, and perhaps another tour to keep us in touch in real life

Worked on this Pistol Brace research in December
Thank you for the time to dig into this

New Stuff in 2021

We will continue to do what we can with the resources we have to effort toward individual freedom and gun owners rights

Going to be adding an emphases on keeping in touch with everyone via Patreon, the email newsletter and a new ‘Real-Paper Newsletter”

Highlights of the new methods

Electronic Newsletter

  • Gun Calendars

  • 2A Library

  • 2A Organizations & Activists

  • Current Events, 2A Rallys

  • Alternative Media Options & Links

  • 2A Comics

Paper Newsletter -

  • 24 Hour Gun Show / Catalog

  • Printed Calendar

  • Print only content

Pit Crew’s Newsletter

  • will continue to get the occasional ‘thank you’ in the mail

Some Fun, a New Project:

Collaborative Ammo Collection

New idea, asking for help to expand the ammo collection for a new series on the collection and ammo history

So, for those who would like to contribute to the collection & project, there are some ‘ORM stickers’ (in the mailed version) for anyone who would like to send over some ammo specimens for the Ammo collection

Interested in:

  • any unique single rounds of 7.62x39
    - maybe email a pic first to see if we already have one
    (or two if you’d like to see us try to open one)

  • and any empty boxes from 7.62x39
    (unfolded so I can fold them back up if possible)

  • A single round of any NEW calibers we don’t have yet
    (email pics first tho to save any shipping costs)
    (or two if you’d like to see us try to open one)

2021 Tour

California Visit (If possible) - to help a friend with some new machinery at the end of this month (Jan)

Arizona 2A Rally – Phoenix, February

Thank You for getting us Here

We are Ready for whatever is Next

- Patreon – As long as we can, we will use the Patreon platform to keep in touch & fund our efforts

- Paypal – Thank You to those who drop capitalism on us the link is

- Our ‘Real’ Address:

9420 E. Golf Links #140
Tucson, AZ 85730

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