January Newsletter
Our annual Holiday Party: mentor Sally & her scholar Jhosseline,
scholars Maria, Edgar & Rita, scholars Jenny & Kathleen
Happy New Year from MVLA Scholars!
It was wonderful to see over 70 college scholars and mentors at our annual holiday party and have the opportunity to hear about their fall semesters. In this newsletter we are so proud to share the story of one of our incredible mentors, Liz Price, and her three amazing scholars – Elaine, Nelly and Isa.
Thank you for all of your support!
Dee Gibson and Janet Tornow
Mentoring – From High School Through College
“I’m blown away by MVLA Scholars. I love that they have thought of everything--the care packages students are given when they go off to college, the ongoing mentorship from high school through college, the support they give students in finding internships and jobs. I’m in it 100%. It feeds my soul”. Liz Price is a mentor with MVLA Scholars who began mentoring three girls - Elaine, Nelly and Isa - while they were in the AVID high school program, and continues to mentor them now that they are in college.

Liz helped Elaine to identify colleges that offered good programs in her chosen major of social work and obtain the financial aid that would allow her to complete college without significant debt. Elaine said that her mother, an immigrant from the Philippines, “couldn’t help me with the process the way Liz could.” Liz encouraged Elaine to apply for the honors program at CSU Long Beach and even helped her shop for dorm supplies. Elaine feels fortunate to have found in Liz someone “who answers my overly stressed texts and emails, is willing to edit countless essays, and always checks up on me.” According to Liz, “watching Elaine mature personally and academically has been an incredible thing to be a part of.”

Nelly, studying biochemistry at UC Davis, suspects that, if not for Liz, she would have followed her sisters to a community college because she wouldn’t have known how to navigate the application and financial aid processes. Nelly feels grateful for the mentoring program, saying, “it has expanded my view of what is possible for me to achieve.” In discussing Nelly, Liz says “to help a young woman who has such incredible drive, determination, and potential, figure out how to navigate her path has been extremely rewarding.”

Isa is enjoying studying kinesiology at Cal State East Bay and recognizes the vital role this program plays in her life. “My journey as an MVLA Scholar started in AVID. Liz motivated me to believe there was a way to go to a four-year school regardless of how hard my path is as an immigrant. Having a person guide you through adversity is one of the most beautiful attributes that MVLA Scholars provides. As a proud MVLA Scholar, I am very thankful to have people who have my back, knowing they want the best for me, and would do the most to help me achieve my goals."

In explaining why she loves serving as a mentor for MLVA Scholars, Liz said, “of all the wonderful things MVLA Scholars does to support these young college students, I get to do the best part – I get to form relationships with these kids. I may be part of their lives officially for just their four years of college, but I have no doubt we will be part of each other's lives for many years to come.”