April Newsletter
Scholar Dafne & Alum Edna; Mentor Rich with Scholar Larry; Scholars Kevin & Sabrina
Greetings from MVLA Scholars!

It is an exciting time of year for MVLA Scholars. We have a lot to report:

  • 82  Scholarships applications received and evaluated in March.
  • 32  Four-year renewable scholarships awarded to the high school class of 2018. Each of the 32 Scholars will receive an individual mentor for their entire college career.  Scholarships will range from $2K - $6K per year.
  • 18  One-year scholarships awarded to the high school class of 2018.  Scholarships are $2K.
  • 3.7 Average GPA of our newest class of Scholars. Intended college majors include: engineering, business, health care, computer science and psychology.
  • 19  Number of Scholars graduating from four-year colleges including SJSU, UC Santa Cruz, UC Berkeley, UC Irvine, UC Merced, Clark, Santa Clara, and Seattle Pacific.
  •   7  Number of Scholars transferring from Foothill to a four-year college.
  • 147  Total number of college Scholars in the program
      (rising freshmen to seniors)!

Congratulations to Mentor, Rachel Botsford, for receiving the Gardner Award in recognition of her outstanding volunteerism! Below you can read about her Scholar, Edna Hernandez, who graduated from SFSU June 2016 and is truly giving back to the community by working at Planned Parenthood.

Thank you to everyone for all your support. We couldn’t do it without you!
Dee Gibson and Janet Tornow
Alum Isabel with Mentor Jeannie; Scholars Cecilia & Maggie;
Scholar Maria with Mentor Margaret
Edna Hernandez, MVLA Scholar,  From Foothill to SFSU to her Dream Job

I started my college career at Foothill College where I had an amazing experience thanks to the incredible teachers and counselors who inspired me to love learning and supported my goals and ambitions. I was working while I attended Foothill so it took me 3 years to complete my general education requirements and transfer to San Francisco State University.  During my first year at SFSU I was very unsure and confused about what I was going to do when I graduated from college. I was not sure if the major I was picking was the right one or if I would even get a job after college. I chose to stick with what I loved learning about which was Psychology. Along the way, I was able to take classes that sparked my interest in learning about Human Sexuality. I then volunteered for a program that provided education and empowered young people with the knowledge, skills and resources to make healthy decisions. I really loved their mission and I started teaching a health curriculum in under-resourced high schools around the bay area.
MVLA Scholars truly helped me along the way. They have been my biggest support system even when I doubted my potential. They provided me the help, encouragement and guidance I needed to succeed.  I was especially lucky to have been paired with an incredible mentor, Rachel. I don’t consider her to be just a mentor. She is my role model and has impacted my life so much. She has always been there for any decision that I have to make whether it’s educationally, professionally or even life related. 

After graduating from SFSU, I worked as a behavior therapist for Therapeutic Learning Consultants where learned how to work with kids who have autism. I next decided that it was time for me to change my career and I got a job at Planned Parenthood as a health educator, which is my dream job. I work with different populations in different schools such as elementary, middle and high schools, parent education, juvenile hall where I get to talk and help individuals to have the knowledge, opportunity and freedom to make very important decisions about their reproductive anatomy as well as talking about a lot of crucial topics such as abusive relationships, gender, sexually transmitted infections, consent and other topics that may occur in people’s everyday lives. I am proud to have achieved one of my dreams and to be helping others in our community.

Alumni Social Media Resources
Many of you have asked for ways to stay connected with your fellow scholars after graduation so we have formed MVLA Scholars Alumni Facebook and LinkedIn Groups (Thank you to Rashmeen Kaur, MVLA Scholars Social Media Manager, for managing our Facebook page).  Our goals are to share job experiences and ideas, financial videos and tips and just stay connected.  If you are a current alumni or about to graduate, please email to join the LinkedIn Group and click here to join the Facebook group.