October Newsletter
At our summer picnic: Mentor Barb with Scholar Alexis, Scholars Eddie and Jennifer with their mom, Scholar Grad Jaime and Mentor Mike
Greetings from MVLA Scholars!
Our Scholars are now back at school after a very busy summer. We’re so proud that 57% of our Scholars did career related work this summer, setting them up for professional jobs after college graduation. You can read below how one of our recent grads, Nisha Sharma, successfully prepared for her career with multiple jobs and internships.

Here’s what our current scholars did this summer:
  • 48%  paid career related internship/job
  •   9%  MVLA Scholars sponsored career related internship
  • 43%  other paid job and/or summer school
We’re very grateful for the incredible community that is behind MVLA Scholars. We have really grown!
  •   187  number of donors
  •   158  number of volunteers
To see the list of everyone who was a part of our success in 2017/2018 visit our website.

Check out the photos from our very fun annual summer picnic on our Facebook page.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support.
Dee and Janet
At our summer picnic: Scholar Jhosseline, Scholar Roberto, Scholar Eryka
Nisha Sharma, Mountain View Police Assistant, UC Santa Cruz 2018

My name is Nisha Sharma and I immigrated from India to the United States with my family 8 years ago. The high crime rate against women and girls in India inspired my interest in law and crime at an early age. I knew that I ultimately wanted a career in law enforcement, so I could bring justice to people. 

I began my quest to become a police officer in high school. I joined the Mountain View Police Department’s Police Explorers. Explorers allows high school students to learn what law enforcement is about and get hands-on experience. It taught me about leadership, decision-making skills and allowed me go on ride-alongs with police officers to get exposed to the reality of their job. Through Explorers, I was accepted into two National Law Enforcement Exploring Leadership Academies. The first was with the Drug Enforcement Administration and the second was with US Customs and Border Protection.
While I was in college I continued on my path towards a career in law enforcement. I attended UC Santa Cruz and majored in Sociology, graduating cum laude, and with honors in my major. I worked with the UC Santa Cruz Police Department for three years. I did a summer internship with Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office under the Crime Strategies Unit. I was also a student intern with the United States Secret Service Office.
All of these opportunities exposed me to different paths of Law Enforcement. All of the police officers I have come in contact with have played a very important role in my life. I look up to them as my role models and they all taught me something new about life and what is important to them as a police officer.
After I graduated from college I was thrilled to be offered a job as a Police Assistant position with the Mountain View Police Department. My plan is to apply in the near future for a full time Police Officer position. I want to be able to interact with my community and give back in a positive way.
My mentor Tucker Stanwood has been with me throughout my 4 years of college. He has helped me with mock interviews, my resume, cover letters, internships and much more. The resources and financial assistance that MVLA Scholars provided has been a major part of my success and I have been fortunate enough to graduate debt free.
One thing that I always live by is to be a leader, a leader is the one who always does the right thing even when no one is looking. As long as I am committed, dedicated, passionate and truthful towards my goals, I will achieve my dreams.