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October 26, 2019

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Meteorite Illustration

“Brussel Sprout” Meteorite

If you’ve ever smelled a meteorite, it probably didn’t have much of an aroma. But a four-pound visitor from outer space crashed down in Costa Rica’s Alajuela province back in April, and when scientists received the sample, it smelled distinctly like brussels sprouts!
Why—and what does that have to do with creation and evolution?

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Climate Change Illustration

Climate Change and What Scientists Ignore

Everywhere we turn, we hear warnings about serious threats to life on earth. With each report, extremists demand immediate, drastic government measures to slow down climate change before it is too late. But we cannot understand the climate change issue unless we ground our perspective in God’s Word.

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Quick Answers to Tough Questions DVD

This faith-building and humor-filled talk will equip you to answer over 20 of the most-asked questions about creation, evolution, science, and the Bible.

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Quick Answers to Tough Questions DVD

Answering the Skeptical Questions of Our Day

Get quick answers to some of the most-asked questions about the Bible and creation with Bryan Osborne. Your faith will be encouraged by the overwhelming scientific confirmation of God’s Word, and you’ll be better equipped to give an answer for your faith! 

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Richard Dawkins

Ending Religion—It’s a Bad Idea . . . Says Richard Dawkins?

The claim that ending religion might be a bad thing is not a statement you’d expect to hear from the world’s leading atheist, Richard Dawkins.

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Planets Near and Far

Two recent studies of astronomical interest have been in the news. Both are about planets: one near (Saturn) and one far (K2-18b).

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Illustration of People

Paganism and the Transsexual Revolution

What is happening now in western culture is not just the influence of secularism but also the return of ancient paganism.

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AiG Easter Conference 2020

Discover the Truth About Climate Change April 9–12, 2020

Our next Answers Easter Conference, taking place April 9–12, 2020, will tackle an extremely controversial and vital topic—physical and spiritual climate change.

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Dr. Charles Ware

Incredible “One Race, One Blood” Pastors Conference Wraps Up

Hundreds of pastors, leaders, and others from across the United States and other countries recently gathered for our Answers for Pastors and Leaders conference.

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“Three Beating Hearts”

Three Beating Hearts by Steve Hess & Southern Salvation

The powerful message in this song and video, performed by our resident Ark Encounter artists Steve Hess & Southern Salvation, supports the message that life begins at fertilization!

“Three Beating Hearts” (written by Dan Anderson, Steve Hess, and John Mathis Jr.) highlights every preborn child would want to live if given a voice.

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