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May 16, 2020

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Did Velociraptors Hunt in Packs?

Were Velociraptors Pack Hunters?

Velociraptors are very popular dinosaurs, largely thanks to the Jurassic Park movie franchise and novel. In the movies, these dinosaurs are depicted as hunting together in packs and taking down prey much larger than themselves. But is this actually an accurate picture of the reptiles?

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Is God a "She"?

“Mother God”and the ELCA

Why does it matter if we refer to God as Father or Mother? Well, there is only one true God, and he is the God revealed to us in Scripture. We cannot add to the Bible or add our own ideas about who God is to what he has revealed to us.

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IncrediWorld: Free VBS

Free Home/Church VBS

Since many churches have had to postpone or cancel their VBS programs due to the quarantine, we’re bringing our 2012 Answers VBS out of the vault so churches and families can easily host virtual or at-home VBS programs for FREE!

With the free download, you’ll receive an easy-to-use guide, music videos, drama videos (these videos are also available on YouTube), and other resources—everything you need to host your first virtual VBS. We modified and updated various features to make IncrediWorld easy for you to use anywhere in the world.

After you sign up for our IncrediWorld VBS, keep an eye out for videos of the lessons, incredible animals features, and science experiments coming in early June!

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Kids Answers Magazine Set

This set of 15 mini-magazines is filled with fun activities, science facts, and biblical teaching that will excite your children and grandchildren.

Pack  $44.85 $6.99

Kids Answers Magazines

Mini-Magazines That Teach Truth

Equip your children or grandchildren to think biblically while they have fun with Kids Answers. Each issue is eight pages, featuring creation apologetics and biblical authority teaching on topics such as God’s design in whales, penguins, dinosaurs, migration, “yuckology,” and more.

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Common Big Bang Cosmology Misconceptions

Unfortunately, several misconceptions about cosmology have crept into the thinking of biblical creationists.

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Meet the AiG Staff: IT and AV

We have been introducing some of the remarkable people who are wearing extra hats and working extra hard during this time. Today meet our IT and AV teams.

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Red Blood Cells

Hemoglobin: An Exquisitely Designed, Multifunctional Protein

When we begin to examine life on the molecular level, we quickly begin to realize that hemoglobin is specially designed for multiple purposes.

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Journey through the Creation Museum

Bring the Creation Museum Home to You

We’ve updated our Journey through the Creation Museum book to include our many new exhibits. If you haven’t seen them yet, visit “virtually” with this product.

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Directed Evolution

Directed Evolution

Are intelligently designed experiments using already-present features in already-existing bacteria and viruses really examples of molecules-to-man evolution?

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