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January 12, 2019

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Ark Encounter

FFRF Threatens Public Schools

Once again, the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) has blanketed public schools within driving distance of the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum with threatening letters to bully schools not to bring students to either attraction. FFRF claims that a public school group that visits our attractions would supposedly violate the First Amendment to the US Constitution. In response, AiG has a new offer for public schools.

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Tripod Fish

Tripod Fish: Denizens of the Deep Sea

One of the least–well-understood ecosystems in the world is the deep-sea floor because of the difficulty in reaching this area. However, even with this barrier, some creatures have still been studied. One such creature is the remarkably specialized tripod fish, which is a truly unique creature that exhibits remarkable evidence of God’s hand in his creation.

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Answering Atheists—an Easter Conference

Answering Atheists—an Easter Conference

Many atheists have never really heard a clear, logical defense of the Christian faith that answers their skeptical questions. Both Christians and atheists alike are invited to attend Answering Atheists—an Easter Conference at the Ark Encounter April 17­–21, 2019!

Find hope and encouragement as you learn the answers to the common questions asked by atheists and other skeptics with our keynotes speakers Ken Ham, Ray Comfort, and Dr. Jason Lisle, in addition to a lineup of dynamic presenters from AiG and other organizations.
This five-day conference also features a Good Friday service with Emeal (“E.Z.”) Zwayne and a free Easter sunrise service on Sunday morning, which you can attend even if you can’t make the conference!

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Choose from one of the multi-day pass options, and start planning to join us for Answering Atheists! When you register for Answering Atheists by January 31, 2019, you'll receive 15% off.

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Gavel on US Constitution

American Atheists Jump on FFRF’s Anti-Christian Bandwagon

Following the FFRF’s most recent attack on freedom of religion, American Atheists has launched an attack on tours arranged by parks and recreation departments.

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Hand Holding Flower

Is the Origin of Flowering Plants a Mystery?

Researchers have announced what they believe to be the oldest flowering plant, a flower with a tree-shaped style and spoon-shaped petals.

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Free Answers VBS Workshop at the Creation Museum

Get a preview of The Incredible Race: One Family, One Race, One Savior during our upcoming 2019 VBS Preview at the Creation Museum, January 26, 2019.

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Barbie Doll

Gay Barbie? Couple Pushes for Diversity in Doll Sets

For nearly 60 years Barbie and Ken—the dolls produced by Mattel—have been a pair. But a gay couple is meeting with Mattel in hopes of changing that.

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Brad Stine, "God's Comic"

Join God's Comic for An Evening to Remember

Are you looking for a unique night out with friends or your special someone? If so, join us on February 8, 2019, for An Evening to Remember with Brad Stine.

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