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November 13, 2021

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Are Christians Against Abortion Because of an “Ancient Mistranslation”?

It’s amazing the way that those who want to justify immorality will use the Bible to do so! Often such people will take a passage that teaches one thing and twist it to “mean” the opposite of what the text clearly teaches. And a recent commentary in The Washington Post is a perfect example of such twisting of the Scriptures.

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Two Galaxies

Water Found near the Edge of the (Observable) Universe

Water is mentioned twice in Genesis 1:2 at the beginning of creation. Second Peter 3:5 expands upon this. Since God formed the expanse (what we might call the atmosphere and space today) within the primordial waters, some of which was lifted off the originally created earth, then we might expect that God formed the heavenly bodies out of water. Hence it is no surprise that there is still water across the universe.

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Ken & Mally’s Family Cookbook

Ever tasted treats from the land Down Under? Find recipes to make Ken and Mally Ham’s favorite Aussie foods in this brand-new cookbook written by Mally and her daughter Kristel.

Book  $9.99

Ken & Mally's Family Cookbook

The World’s Best Recipes?

Here’s what Ken Ham says about this fun, family cookbook:
“This cookbook is very biased! It's biased because these are all recipes our family used in Australia. It's biased because these are all some of my favorite foods. And it's biased because there's no doubt these are the best recipes in the world! As a family, we love the opportunity to share some of our favorite foods with you. Enjoy—well, after you use the recipes to make them of course.”
Start making the “best recipes in the world” with Ken and Mally’s Family Cookbook.

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Animal Evolution Pushed Back Hundreds of Millions of Years

New sponge pushes back the “settled science” on evolution but doesn’t change the biblical narrative since people didn’t evolve from sponges.

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Fueling the Fire of “Scientific” Racism

The exploitation of people as sideshow freaks helped propagate an insidious belief: “scientific” racism.

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2022 Answers for Women

Only Two Weeks Left on Our Early-Bird Price for Answers for Women

Get answers on how to walk in wisdom in our increasingly anti-Christian world at our powerful Answers for Women conference, taking place March 31–April 2, 2022.

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Schoolhouse Rocked

Schoolhouse Rocked Virtual Cinema Event

Schoolhouse Rocked: The Homeschool Revolution highlights the revolution taking place in education . . . a revolution that’s not taking place in the classroom!

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2022 Answers VBS: Zoomerang

Preorder Zoomerang and Get Early Access to the Guides

When you preorder our 2022 Answers VBS, Zoomerang: Returning to the Value of Life, you will also enjoy early access to the guides!

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Life is Precious conference

Get Equipped at Two Sanctity of Life Events Coming in 2022

You can get equipped to lead or volunteer for our 2022 Answers VBS, Zoomerang, during two events taking place at the Ark Encounter in January 2022.

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