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February 6, 2021

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Baby Onesie

Where Are the “COVID Babies”?

Back in March and April, when the first round of lockdowns and quarantines began in the United States, many people were predicting a baby boom nine months later. These “COVID babies,” “quarantine babies,” or “‘Rona babies,” as people were calling them, should be here by now . . . but they aren’t. Why hasn’t there been a “baby boom?”

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Charles Darwin Statue

Would Darwin Be Deplatformed Today?

While evolution is inherently racist, that does not mean all evolutionists are racists, nor does it mean all creationists are not racist. However, to be a consistent evolutionist, you must believe some races are better than others—like Darwin did! Consistent creationists believe that we are all one race.

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Mystery Island Answers VBS

This summer, kids will track down the one true God as they discover his attributes throughout the pages of Scripture. Discover the unique combination of apologetics, deep teaching, evangelism, and fun that is Answers VBS.

2021 Answers VBS: Mystery Island

The Super Starter Kit Includes Everything You Need

Find everything you need to get started and plan your VBS for summer 2021 with a Super Starter Kit. VBS Digital Pro helps you easily register students and volunteers, customize your registration forms, send reminder emails, download your data, and more. Don’t miss this easy-to-use and biblically rich VBS curriculum.

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Plate Tectonics: Creationist Idea Still Makes Accurate Predictions

The science of plate tectonics in geology, started by a creationist in the 19th century, continues to provide testable predictions within a biblical worldview.

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Is God Male or Female?

Is God Male or Female?

It is important to look at the unchanging Word of God rather than the ever-changing opinion of man to see how God refers to himself.

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Charles Darwin

Marxism: Darwinism Lived Out

Marxism, Communism, and socialism violate many of God’s ordained laws and principles for society to operate under and should be rejected by those that hold to scriptural authority.

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Contending for Society

Don’t Miss “Contending for Society” on February 13

AiG–UK is hosting a special online webinar on February 13, 2021, to encourage you with biblical truth to affect the culture around you.

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2021 Answers for Women Conference

3 Reasons to Watch Answers for Women Online

The Answers for Women 2021 Conference is now (also) virtual this year. Watch “Truth: Uncovering the Lies We Believe” from home exclusively on Answers TV.

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2021 Job Fair

Interview on the Spot at the Ark Encounter on February 17, 2021

On February 17, 2021, we’re hosting a Job Fair inside the Answers Center from 11 a.m.–6 p.m. You can apply, interview, and get hired all in the same day!

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