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November 21, 2020

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Norma Ham and Ruth Ginsburg

Two Legacies: RBG and Norma Ham

What legacy are you leaving in this world? What legacy are you leaving your children, and their children? What is the most important legacy any of us can leave in this world?

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Oxford Changes the Definition of “Man” and “Woman”

The Oxford University Press has updated its definitions for “man” and “woman,” primarily to be more “inclusive” of those who identify as LGBT. It’s another sign of the moral—particularly the sexual and gender—revolution, which is grounded in evolutionary naturalism, atheism, and humanism, sweeping through our culture.

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Kid’s Christmas Gift Bundle

Delight your child or grandchild with an exciting Answers in Genesis gift bundle featuring books, DVDs, coloring books, a game, a model of the ark, and a stuffed giraffe.

Kid's Christmas Gift Bundle

Hand-Picked by Ken and Mally Ham

This perfect gift bundle for your kids or grandkids includes two books for family story time, two exciting DVDs, two coloring books, a fun mix-and-match card game, an ark model, and a stuffed giraffe. These hand-picked, God-honoring gifts by Ken and Mally Ham will bless your kids or grandkids and also save you time and money!

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False Teaching Lie 1: God’s Word Isn’t True

False teachings often share similar common themes—tell-tale lies that can help us recognize a spiritual scam when we see one.

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Coriolis Effect

The Coriolis Effect, the Foucault Pendulum, and the Flat-Earth Movement

The very inaccurate manner with which flat-earthers handle the Coriolis effect and the Foucault pendulum is typical of those in the flat-earth movement.

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The History of the Development of the Geological Column

Find out about the development of the modern uniformitarian view of the geological record and the millions-of-years timescale.

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Fossil Fish Feces—a Reminder of the Flood

How do fossilized fish feces (coprolites) point to a global flood and the truth of God’s Word?

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Boarding Pass

A Christmas Gift That Lasts a Lifetime

If you’re already thinking about Christmas, we have a gift suggestion for the whole family: a lifetime boarding pass!

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ABC Thanksgiving Lessons

Free Answers Bible Curriculum Thanksgiving Lessons

You can help direct your church or family towards thanksgiving with our free Thanksgiving lessons from Answers Bible Curriculum.

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