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January 19, 2019

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Evidence Against Evolutionary Ideas

Evolutionists love to talk about how dinosaurs evolved into birds. Their favorite example is Archaeopteryx, which they believe is either one of or the first transitional forms between dinosaurs and birds. They point to its combination of feathers, wings, and claws on the wing, among other traits. Yet there is a living bird that displays all of these features, at least as a chick and fledgling—the hoatzin.

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Baby in Womb

“I Had an Abortion and I'm Not Apologizing!”

The abortion giant Planned Parenthood recently released a new billboard campaign in Iowa to normalize the killing—murdering—of unborn children. One billboard boldly proclaims, “I had an abortion and I’m not apologizing.”

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Answers for Women 2019

 Answers for Women 2019

The “gender revolution” is permeating the West. In the blink of an eye, the revolution has overthrown any semblance of a biblical view of sexuality. How are Christians to respond and equip their children to think biblically when the culture is selling a lie, dressed as an attractive truth?
We invite all women to come to the Ark Encounter April 5–6, 2019, to be equipped with answers at our 2019 Answers for Women conference, Sacred: Embracing God’s Design for Sexuality. Women from across the country will gather together to learn from God’s Word on topics such as pornography, homosexual behavior, gender identity, sex and singleness, and much more!

Register Today—Early Bird Ends February 1!

Our early-bird registration discount ends February 1, 2019, so be sure to register soon to ensure your spot. And when you register before February 1, you’ll also receive a free download of all the sessions from a previous Answers for Women conference, Embrace (a $53 value)!

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Baby Face

Helping Others Find Healing After Abortion

For many churches and pastors, abortion is a difficult issue, but our churches are full of wounded people who can and must be helped.

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Raised Fist

Signing the “Nashville Statement” May Have Broken Dutch Law

Recently the Nashville Statement was translated into Dutch and signed by over 250 Christian leaders—and prosecutors are investigating if this breaks the law.

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Ark Encounter

Legality of School Field Trips to the Ark Defended

To rebut threatening letters sent to public schools by an atheist group, Nate Kellum assured them of the legality of sending classes on an official school trip.

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Explore Days

Explore Days Return to the Creation Museum This Month!

If you have a science-loving child interested in learning more about different fields, they'll enjoy our Explore Days and Explore summer camps!

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Ark Illustration

How Big Was the Ark?

To help you prepare for your trip to the Ark Encounter, we’ve compiled a list of common questions related to the size of the ark.

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