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Learning Tips • Re: Children Learning Reading Review - Does this really work?

Hello! I friendly recommend you to pay attention to the policy of one of the daycares in Brooklyn called Little Scholars. I am following them on social media and read their articles. I wonder how important reading is. They wrote on their website that reading is one of the most important parts of kids' development. Reading improves children's comprehension and communication skills, keeps the child engaged, challenged, and very often entertained. So, this is one of their priorities. My daughter is only five months now, but I already try to choose a good daycare for her. By the way, if you also know any good variants - please share, I will be very thankful.

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Sports & Hobbies • Re: Ideas for winter activities

When winter comes, I'd like to stay at home playing games. Now I like to play ESO. To start, ESO puts you in as fully voice acted, beautiful world that you are open to exploring right from the beginning due to level scaling. All of ESOs lore is confirmed Canon which makes it that much more interesting setting foot in a part of Tamriel's history before Morrowind, Oblivion, or Skyrim. The game allows you to complete customizations of your character's appearance, build, etc. From class skills to guild skills, to being a werewolf or vampire, racial passives, etc. Every character is essentially unique to you. You can really enjoy this game when you have enough ESO Gold.

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General Discussion • Re: Why You Need to Learn English Speaking?

Because it's important

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Adventure & Travel • Re: Our Moto Travel

It is really cool~

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Adventure & Travel • Re: Which country do you want to go ?

Hi, I really want to visit Portugal. Drink local port, eat local food, watch the ocean

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Adventure & Travel • Re: BEACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can recommend the northern beaches, they have their own atmosphere

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Grammar Help • Re: adding "S" to verb

They are past tenses!

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Grammar Help • Re: SVO+VERB ANALSIS

No, your analysis is incorrect.

The sentence is an elliptical version of

I believe THAT doing exercise plays an important role in the health of our kids.

from which you can see that gerund 'doing' is not an object, but the subject of a subordinate clause.

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Grammar Help • Re: "Let me have done well."

A strangely archaic sentence, whose only possible meaning would be essentially 'I hope that I have done well'.

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Grammar Help • Re: on/from

'On' seems to make better sense...

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