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Current News • Re: China is troubled with epidemics

Vaccination is in progress globally, health and travel officials have pointed to vaccination as the route back to unrestricted travel. A few options for vaccine passports exist so far, and countries and regions in Europe and Asia have also developed, or are in the process of developing their own. For example, the international version of China's travel health certificate was officially launched on March 8th by the Department of Consular Affairs of the Foreign Ministry, which is available for Chinese citizens.

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General Discussion • Re: Need help ASAP!

The Joe is right The doctors didn't think it .........that. Here the option d) likely is fit perfectly.

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Help Each Other with English • Re: Transformation of verb to noun

The question that I have is :

They have asked to combine all their ideas into one document. (Rewrite using 'combination')
They have asked for a combination of all their ideas in one document.

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Grammar Help • Re: Day of the week vs Day of week

'Day of the week' would indeed be standard English, but note that articles are often abbreviated even by natives for space-spacing purposes.

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Grammar Help • Re: not the other Tom

1, 3, 6

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Grammar Help • Re: Punctuation

Possible, but not necessary.

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Grammar Help • Re: whining to

Unnatural usage: 'whining' is normally complaining to a third party.

Note also: Damned --> Damn

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Grammar Help • Re: concealed


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Grammar Help • Re: scape

(a typo, presumably) scape --> escape

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Grammar Help • Re: hid

Not really.

--> After this experience, the boys became careful as they realized that the world after all contained many hidden dangers.

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