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The Town With One Resident

Learn about Monowi, Nebraska – a town with a population of one.


Monowi, Nebraska is a small town that once had a population of about 150. Today, it is almost a ghost town. There is only one person who lives there: a _______ in her eighties named Elsie Eiler. She is the town’s mayor, bartender, and _______. For Monowi to be recognized...

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Change the World

What is this advertisement trying to say? It appears to show two different “worlds”, but which should be changing to which? Should they both be changing to something else? Please give your views about the implications of the photograph.

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Designed for English learners, this FREE British/American poster is ideal for classroom or home.

Only two English words in current use end in "-gry". They are "angry" and "hungry".
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Let's Talk Resumes

It doesn’t matter what qualifications or experience you have, in our digital and globalized world a resume is not only your introductory handshake, but an all-in-one personal sales brochure and initial interview. Get your resume wrong and you’re going nowhere, but what’s right or wrong and who is to judge?
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