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Current News • Re: Medical Marijuana

We visited a doctor a week ago with a friend of mine. He had more frequent seizures of epilepsy. He is my childhood friend, and we live not far from each other. I often support him with his problem. So the doctor advised him to use CBD Gummies or CBD oil. They relieve the severity and frequency of seizures. Where can I buy them?

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Grammar Help • Re: How to use like

#1: standard grammar.
#2: informally acceptable with the same meaning.

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Grammar Help • Re: is this grammar correct?

Not, of course, a complete sentence, but grammatical as a clause...

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Grammar Help • Re: three women

Not a grammar issue but...yes, you could.

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Grammar Help • How to use like

Hi there.

Which one is correct to say:
“you are holding that sun cream like a gun”
“You are holding that sun cream like it’s a gun”

Thanks for tour help

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Help Each Other with English • Re: how to pronounce Aiza

Thanks Joe, for your reply.
Just was worried the poor child would spend all her life "correcting" people on how to pronounce her name. I assumed there was a correct way to pronounce "ai" if at the beginning of the word, but probably not.
English is notorious for unpredictable pronunciation, even more so with names/words which may/may not be of English origin.

St Aidan is A-dan
but aikido is I-kido

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Grammar Help • is this grammar correct?

When you start to like someone but that someone reminds you of the one who broke you

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Music & Movies • Re: Is there any song made you cry??????

Fix you by Coldplay is one of the saddest song :roll:

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Music & Movies • Re: Best TV Series for learning English

Friends, HIMYM, Brooklyn-99, New Girl and The Office.

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Books & Authors • Re: My favorite book

A book everyone should read is Little Women. It brings you to another world while reading it...

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