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Sports & Hobbies • Re: SEO

I've done SEO in the past, especially i increased link mass of site, I don't know what about a hobby, it's more of a job that brings you money. As for me, a hobby should not grow into work)

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Help Each Other with English • Re: Grammar

Probably the second.

Why is "Mid-" capitalised?

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Grammar Help • Re: Which one of those is correct?

Both correct, with no difference in meaning.
#1, being simpler, is slightly more natural.

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Help Each Other with English • What does the word "packing" mean in the following paragraph ?

"I sent the police packing and educated them on the need for common sense!"
I searched on the internet but it shows nothing.
Thank you.

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Entertainment • Word Puzzle

Hey peeps.
Any of you who love to solve daily jumble?
I was just sitting around and want someone to join me in unscrambling these four-word puzzles.


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Music & Movies • Re: My favorite movie

My favorite horror movie is Sinister, i think, but only first part!- second is really garbage }:

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Music & Movies • Re: My top 5 drama movie

My god, Pianist is the best movie i've ever seen, Adrian Brody is fantastic actor!

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General Discussion • Re: English WhatsApp Group

Do you want to learn without going anywhere? If yes then you are in the right place because here we will post the Latest WhatsApp group links 2020 related to education learning so Join our education-related WhatsApp groups free from here. You can learn Tamil Nadu, GK, English learning, Math Learning, Gujrat education, Indian education, physics and computer science etc.

education WhatsApp groups

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General Discussion • Re: An android application for training listening skills.

Thank you for sharing something very useful, I will definitely experience it.

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Grammar Help • Which one of those is correct?

Hi, i have a grammar question. Which one of those is correct or if both are what's the difference in meaning? 1.Let's hope quarantine requirements are lifted before (date), 2.Let's hope quarantine requirements will have been lifted by (date). Maybe one of those is more natural to use in certain situations?

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