Election, Why Ukraine is Europe, Student Views of Euromaidan

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Elections in Ukraine

Bryukhovetsky: participation in this election is the best way to protect our country

Participation in this election is the best way to protect Ukraine from external aggression

Vyacheslav Bryukhovetsky urged Ukrainians to actively participate in the presidential election this Sunday

Ukrainian History, European Future

Timothy Snyder delivered his speech at NaUKMA's “Ukraine: Thinking Together” conference

Topic: Ukraine’s European history and its European future.

This was a historic conference: Timothy Snyder and Bernard-Henri Lévy spoke at NaUKMA

Timothy Snyder and also Bernard-Henry Levi spoke at NaUKMA.

Leading American online course provider now in Kyiv

Coursera, a major online education platform based in the U.S., is set to start giving courses to Ukrainian students in partnership with Bionic University, a special unit of Kyiv Mohyla Academy

Student Views of Euromaidan project
The series of essays about the impact of Euromaidan as seen through the eyes of graduate students at NaUKMA. 

Students share their lived experiences, reflections and insights about Ukraine and its future

The wind of changes vs. The wind of shame

Maidan as a social phenomenon is like the Wind of Changes; on the contrary, Antimaidan is just like the Wind of Shame for Ukraine...

This essay is part of the the Student Views of Euromaidan project.

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