We're in top 5, Parliamentary election, Chicago supports Kyiv's BionicHill 

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Kyiv Mohyla Foundation of America

Top 5 Universities in Ukraine

NaUKMA is in Top 5

NaUKMA is in Top 5 Ukraine’s Best Universities

According to Top 200 ranking.

The 8th yearly ranking proved NaUKMA's strong positions on Ukrainian market of education

Poroshenko Should Dissolve the Parliament

KMFA Board Member (2003-2005), Sr. Fellow at Institute for International Economics Anders Aslund:

Parliamentary election should take place as soon as possible, this year. Poroshenko needs to act instantly, while he still possesses the full authority

Poroshenko, the New President of Ukraine

Time Running Out for Higher Education Reform

The political situation in Ukraine is far from stable. ‘Terrorists’ in the east still control small areas. 

Despite the political instability, reform of higher education is still among governmental priorities.

Article by Yegor Stadny, NaUKMA alumnus

BIONIC University Establishes an International Supervisory Board
Chicago Mayor supports Bionic Hill technology innovation park in Kyiv.

Marta Farion, president of Kyiv Mohyla Foundation of America, joined the Bionic University Supervisory board.

BIONIC University is Ukraine's first inter-corporate IT-university.

Inna Sovsun - Deputy Minister of Education

Inna Sovsun, the youngest Deputy Minister in the history of Ukraine’s government, caused a real stir after being appointed to her position by Ukraine’s Interim Minister of Education, Dr. Serhiy Kvit.

Ms. Sovsun represents the point of view and work ethic of a new generation of education professionals.

Education reform

Bionic Hill, Kyiv

Inna Sovsun - Deputy Minister of Education

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