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Kyiv Mohyla Foundation of America

NaUKMA Donates 107 Thousand UAH To Army

Vakarchuk NaUKMA concert

Svyatoslav Vakarchuk performed at NaUKMA to raise funds for ATO

Full video from the event, which includes a concert by Vakarchuk, is now available online: 

Can Ukraine Ever Be Reunited?

Volodymyr Yermolenko, Lecturer at NaUKMA, talks about Ukraine's future in an interview for France 24

Yermolenko says Ukraine's predicament is a result of a Russian-made geopolitical doctrine which he calls "Sado-Putinism".

Volodymyr Yermolenko

Tributes to Kyiv Mohyla Academy celebrate its 400th anniversary

Front page article in The Ukrainian Weekly by Marta Farion, President of Kyiv Mohyla Foundation of America

Chicago and D.C. events note university’s leading role in today’s Ukraine. These events, presented as a “Salute to Ukraine”, were also an occasion to honor the courage of the people of Ukraine in their ongoing, heroic defense of both personal dignity and their nation’s independence.

NaUKMA student quits Master’s Program to go to the frontline
"Maidan became a kind of a vaccine for me: arriving to the front, I wasn’t afraid of blood, shootings, injury, pain, and the sight of people who died", says Masha Berlinskaya left her Master’s Program at Kyiv Mohyla Academy and joined the military frontlines.

In the ATO zone, she became an expert in aerial reconnaissance and came under attack many times during the flights.

BIONIC University opens educational laboratory on Apple iOS development

The laboratory is fully equipped with latest Apple products. Each trainee will work at the new generation iMac and a number of mobile devices to test and refine software.

"The launch of the educational platform on iOS development of such level will allow Ukrainians to gain relevant knowledge on programming and open new possibilities for creating high-tech products", said Olexandr Zharikov, Business Development Manager of BIONIC University.

Marta Farion

Masha Berlinska

iOS Dev Lab

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