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Pulse April 1, 2016: Governors Council now includes creator of first urbanization standards metrics; global connection speed up 23%
Created with John Hilborn, i-CANADA Director of Social Media
Creator of first standards on urbanization metrics joins i-CANADA Governors Council @WCCityData @GlobalCitiesGCI
Akamai: Global average connection speeds increase 23% in last quarter
Government tech support putting RCMP, public safety at risk, documents reveal
Dutch government may shut five more prisons due to a lack of criminals, the crime rate keeps dropping
European broadband to soar in coming five years, with eight of ten biggest global increases in Index
The three forces driving smart cities: infrastructure that doesn't age, mobility, and analytics
A billion rural dwellers in India could use TV 'white space' for accelerated broadband delivery
Google gets deal to expand wifi access in Cuba
Thought Leadership
Over-reliance on technology and big data reduces liberty and increases terrorist risk
 Engagement strategies don't have to cost a fortune
New money in Canadian budget for rural broadband will help farmers
Dubai tests blockchain tech as part of Smart Cities future
Ottawa's promotion of innovation may require overhaul of intellectual property laws blocking progress
News: Report available on smart city industry
Smart Streets are the arrow-head for smart cities: Dubrovnik leads the way
Canada's new budget will delay major spending on innovation for a year
Target looks to innovation to determine the future of food
Economy: American achieves first crowdfunded basic income, preparing for the day the machines take over
Venture Capital Action Plan projects raise $1.3-billion
Creator of first standards on urbanization metrics joins i-CANADA Governors Council @WCCityData @GlobalCitiesGCI
Five Security areas CIOs should watch for in Smart Cities, including device vulnerability and IoT gateways
Lesson from Australian crowd-funding legislation: don't insist on Public Company recipients
Women need to be involved in the technology design revolution
The Government controls our wallets in a cashless very afraid.
In the post-work economy, a Universal Basic Income is essential
ICTC draws attention to importance of digital transformation to Canada's role in world economy
Canada is a hub of innovation, but capital for start-ups is short
U.S. companies still struggling with Innovation; 80% try to use a "one size fits all" approach
Cisco invest $500-million to make Berlin a Smart CIty; will bring companies together in networking infrastructure
Heavy social media users are more likely to be depressed: the more time on social media, the more depressed you get
Smart Community Applications and Uses
Tesla's latest e-car is aimed at middle-income consumers; will feature autonomous driving
Security - HP moves into the "wearable" smart ID badge
U.S. "Opportunity Project" provides community open data tools that promote economic mobility
Google becoming a telecom provider: cloud-based phone service in its "fiber cities"; use the number anywhere
Does super-sized drone presage a new era for transportation?
News: self-drive i-bike could help blind, crippled people to move through city and country
Drone delivers first package to residential area - new era of shopping on horizon
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