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PULSE July 6, 2015: Bell brings 1G to Toronto; Ten-fold increase in global broadband plans
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Bell brings 1G to Toronto
Study: ten-fold increase in national broadband plans; fibre is the choice
i-CANADA Governors Council Meets Treasury Board Minister: Importance
of Broadband to Smaller Communities
Indian PM: 3 Smart City mega-projects in Rejuvenation, Transformation, Housing
Thought Leadership
Socialism generates as much innovation as U.S.-style capitalism
Inspired by 1970s Manitoba, Dutch city tests guaranteed income
Study: Global Safe City market to grow to $226-billion in five years
Alberta Mayors back guaranteed annual income
Signs of the (tech) times: Facebook now worth more than Walmart
Ryerson, Prims: Canadians ready to embrace Internet of Things
Human-Robt interaction: Haptics market to reach $29-billion by 2022; 25% CAGR
Perception v.s. social reality: home-grown terrorists more dangerous than jihadis
Security stand-off market surges after wave of suicide attacks
New Schneider Electric President Joins i-CANADA Governors Council
Workstyles: the downside of working from home
The digital shift and the new economic system
Rich people are jerks and they are in control
Advantage for Canada?: World running out of water
Big data finds "suburbanization of poverty"
Rising citizen expectations help drive safe cities market to $226-billion, 150 sub-sectors
Populations outpace infrastructure, deliver surplus: ancient cities functioned much the same as today's cities
Fantasy accounting: are high-tech companies financing their own sales?
Chinese hackers gain personal information from U.S. agencies
Social media engagement: Coke Zero sets new standards
18 million may be affected by hack - can Government keep information secure?
Internet built as "patch and pray" without security - wisdom 17 years old
India's Smart City push a game-changer for Schneider Electric
Invest in Ottawa technology - Terry Matthews
Toronto-based self-publisher takes on the world - and Amazon
Great infographic on start-up culture and how some companies succeed
Cities are the future of climate change
Michael Bloomberg: why cities will be vital players in Paris meeting
Ancient Indian city of Ajmar awaits transformation into Smart City
Smart Community Applications and Uses
Facebook can ID you even if it can't see your face
Transportation: Samsung's see-through truck
Visualization of data: Microsoft hololens creates Minecraft town
Smart Transportation: Toyota's hydrogen car goes on sale in London
Amazon tests 30-minute drone delivery in B.C. secret location: Canadian skies friendly
Google maps brings you inside Canadian landmark places
 Everyone in the world now has a simple three-word address
 A Canadian's Lucky Iron Fish is a product design winner - saving lives
Data analytics helps with fraud detection as cybercrime reaches all-time high
Poor service, not Uber, to blame for falling taxi use - taxi driver
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