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PULSE October 1 2015: Canada needs a “Ministry of Cities” - Richard Florida
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Richard Florida: Canada needs a "Ministry of Cities" to reignite innovation and lead the new "century of cities"
Lightwave tested for mobile communication - LiFi - to give 1Gig speed
Chattanooga provides 10 gigs to the home, through city-owned utility
Facebook to be available to all refugee camps; will help people re-connect
For 1.2-billion people, solar lamps are an enlightening solution
Influx of digital devices, ambitious broadband goals help cut broadband gap in half for US schools
Feds no longer require cities to look at PPP financing first; additional $5-billion in infrastructure spending to be affected
Thought Leadership
Big Data Helps New York Spur Citizen Participation
Commuting by car lowers 'social capital'
Barry Gander on Panel at Big Data Conference: analyzing the growth engine
US investors like dealing with Canadian start-ups: they have a chip on their shoulder
Rural communities CAN thrive
Less than 10% of world's population lives in extreme poverty - new low
Facebook to bring Internet to sub-Saharan Africa
Former Hyundai CEO leads Google's self-drive car initiative
AI lowers the cost of human input for specific tasks
Governments must yield to the power of individuals to spur innovation
Toronto needs higher bandwidth to match global challenges – Mayor
For Ellis Don, innovation starts with the employees
The economic drag of the retiring baby boomers: growth could slow when more resources are needed
Canada has more people over 65 than under 15 - succession planning and economic growth
Innovation: Three-quarters of entrepreneurs say they are too busy
Toronto Mayor pins hope for more broadband on business community
New cybercrime strategy, awareness needed as Canada falls behind other nations
Google's future is data: open-sourcing its AI engine and keeping the data
Investors turn to medical real estate as aging population drives up demand for service
Smart Community Applications and Uses
Cisco buys video conferencing company to increase stake in work collaboration space
Where's my Snow Plow?
Driverless cars will save 90% of all current fatalities

Ontario set to become first province to allow driverless cars to be tested on its roads
One thing "Back To The Future" did not predict...
Wearable devices will give big data that will change our lifestyles - Intel's Dan Eisenhardt
Smart hospitals allow shift to continuous care
Start-ups use Big Data to make car and traffic technology user-friendly
Innovation: 3D printed images allow blind to "see" classic art
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