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PULSE March 16 2016: Innovation and Societal Change; Start-Ups not as competitive as Established Companies
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London's Mayor pushes business innovation as solution to societal challenges
Start-ups have less chance of competing with innovation than established companies
Google to spend $1-billion on Internet satellites
280 remote communities have access to broadband through CRTC plan
UK businesses call for faster broadband speeds (10 Gbps); accuse government of "poverty of ambition"
Demand outstrips supply for rural internet service in eastern Ontario
One mid-sized U.S. city will get $40-million to pilot smart vehicle infrastructure
Google's Project Fi brings cell service simplification to American consumers
Thought Leadership
Singapore presents itself as a regional model for Smart City development
Shrinking budgets could trigger growth in Smart Cities, as IoT expands by 40%
Growth in U.S. R&D points to coming growth in economy
US DoT launches Smart City fund to accelerate conversion to autonomous vehicles
Smart cities ebook defines framework beyond the technology
Ottawa's goal of becoming Canada's "Smart Cities" beacon is within reach
India's Smart Cities will have 10 essential ingredients
Silicon Valley still top innovation hub - but overhaul is needed to infrastructure and IPOs are slipping
Apple CEO takes up the defence of privacy; follows in Snowden's footsteps
Consumer choice hits telecom providers; have to offer "skinny TV" option
News: Wealth from international data flows exceeds material goods; Buffet warns about negative economic advice
India's Smart Cities program faces challenges; needs "patient investors"
The Internet will spread to Mars - and the solar system beyond
Managing Innovation is key to success - business leaders
Portrait of an innovator: middle-aged, highly educated...and not female
Smart cities DO boost economy, quality of life
China to rely on innovation to dissolve mountains of bad debt; creativity over smokestacks
South Africa urged to adopt business innovation model, ask "what-if" questions like the one that founded Ikea
FCC to subsidize Internet broadband for people earning less than $30k/yr -- Revolution: half of those households currently have no service
Fostering innovation in Africa, especially among women, will help achieve sustainable development goals
Germany will help three Indian communities become Smart Cities
Canadian fund invests in India's renewable energy sector
"Surveillance Capitalism" the trend as Google surpasses Apple's value: the Search becomes all-important
Innovation springs from unexpected cross-overs of ideas
Smart Community Applications and Uses
Dalhousie students create training video game for peacekeepers
In travel market, a city's open platform and the IoT provide new services and smart travel apps
Peeple app from Calgary company allows rating of individuals; stirs storm among digerati
BMW Innovation: the future lies in self-driving cars
Teachers are becoming tech-savvy pioneers, even willing to use virtual reality in classrooms
New online version of Smart City Guide helps communities plan their future
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