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PULSE January 14 2016: New York State to provide broadband to all residents; Key companies launch Smart City Alliance
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New York State to provide high bandwidth to all residents
AT&T, Cisco, Deloitte, Ericsson, GE, IBM, Intel and Qualcomm launch Smart Cities Alliance
Nova Scotia town goes ahead with its own broadband service
Netflix covers globe; available in 130 countries
New York to replace pay phones with wifi hot spots; digital advertising will double city's revenues
Data visualization helps cities prevent injuries, death
Ford expanding its fleet of self-drive cars; homes and drones to be connected
Cisco's Hyper-Innovation Living Labs Aggregates Multiple Organizations For Successful Innovation
Waterloo's Communitech gets new "Innovation Activator", Craig Haney
Modest investment puts small Kansas community's fiber network on the map
Google Canada unveils its new Kitchener headquarters with 350 workers and VR demo
U.S. Internet Speeds Lag Behind FCC Requirements
TD Partners with Cisco on new Toronto Innovation Centre
Atlanta and AT&T Announce Smart City Partnership to Improve Sustainability, Safety
Thought Leadership
Smart Cities Are Essential to Our Survival
Think Creatively About the Risks From Innovation
CIOs Need to Move Beyond Ops to Think About Innovation
Innovation Fails Without Basic Science
VC-Funded companies change the world
Indian Prime Minister points to Smart Cities as the answer to rapid urbanization; country
India's cities need to reply less on state governments for local smart city decision-making
McKenna: Atlantic Canada badly needs immigrant stream | The Chronicle Herald
Top trending searches in U.S. cities: celebrities in distress
Google to use India as test market; expects 500-million people to be online by 2018
Digital gap is tied to income and education
China's larger retailed launches 'social credit' score system
 Renewables will becomes the largest source of electric energy by 2030
Home broadband use plateaus as people turn from telcos to cellphones; cost cited
Ontario needs a proper innovation cluster
Ontario is the world's largest sub-national debtor - future growth at risk?
 The Decline of American Research and Development
Stratford Ontario woos driverless car developers
 Tech Trends for 2016: Crowd leverage; Intelligent Machines; VR; Private space expoloration; 3D printing; Mobile payment; Connected life; Online schooling
Smart Community Applications and Uses
Solar balloons may provide uninterrupted access to energy
Google teams up with Ford to produce self-driving cars by 2020
 Self-driving taxis by 2020 - will revolutionize public transportation

World's largest accommodation provider, Airbnb, holding talks with large landlords
News: The future market for home automation

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