Monthly News Letter
September 2018

Message from President
Laurie Kuntz

This year our theme is Veteran Passionate.  Recharge the reason you became a member of this organization.  Remember the Veteran or Veterans that you are here to honor and do so with Passion and Pride.  Continue remembering all the great things about them.  Personally, I joined because of my father, Ted who served during the Vietnam era.  Today, I look at all those in my family and extended family/friends for additional inspiration and the passion they ignite in me.

Expanding on the Veteran Passionate, giving to our veterans is important.  Our project this year is Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation with an emphasis on our states female veterans.  Giving back to the programs we support is critical in these times where many organizations are competing for the same support.

Exciting things are coming to you, our members.  You are the strength behind this organization and we are focused and dedicated to giving you the tools you need to build that strength.  We have been developing workshops and communication tools, that are much needed.  We have been listening to the members and hearing.  There are many new members in the organization, many ideas to share, and many things we can teach and reteach each other.

Committee Teams have been working on ideas to ignite passion.  You will see fun activities and a great deal of information to share with the membership.  The membership team has developed a plan to help at the district and unit level to recruit, retain, and help rejoin members.  Work with those team members to encourage members (new and experienced) to make their annual membership donation as soon as possible.

An infusion of excitement is happening with our juniors.  We are planning a retreat where fun and learning will go hand-in-hand.  We are honored to be following the lead of the Departments of Minnesota and North Carolina who have done this very thing.  We are looking forward to the impact this change can make. 

Information is a theme this year.  We have upgraded the website, energizing our online footprint in social media, and finding ways to better communicate with our members.  Our goal is to develop a monthly newsletter that our committee teams will give tips and pointers to help you work the programs and beyond.
Keep watching for all the exciting things coming your way.  Visit your department website at and LIKE your department Facebook page 


Evelyn Espinola, Chairman 2018-19
Welcome to Membership, I'm so excited to get this year started.
"Ignite Your Passion for Membership" is our theme this year. I would like you all to think about what gets you excited about being a member, and how you can use this excitement in recruiting new members. How can you make a difference in your unit? 
As we get started each month there will be a letter from a team member to help you with anything that you may need. There will be updates, ideas and new developments on how you can improve your membership. 
All we ask is that you help us by collaboratively work with the Department Membership Team.  Communication is the key.  Communicate regularly on your activities and programs and let us know how you are doing or if you need help. We want to do everything possible to give you a successful year.
Here are your Membership Team Leaders for your Districts, reach out to them for help:
District 1&2:  JoAnn Kidd
3&4:  Cindy Heater
5&6:  Theresa Brandt/ back up Dawn Valdez
7&8:  Sharon Wilson/ back up Nancy D
9&10:  Tracy Trujillo
11&12:  Pat Steranka
13&14: Donna Jones
Team Leader is me, Evelyn Espinola.  My information is in the directory or send a message to me from the
Membership Page.
To get your excitement going we have a contest for you.  Let's have fun this year!

MEMBERSHIP CONTEST – for complete details visi
t Membership Page!

Committee Highlights

National Security
Susie Bozella, Chairman 2018-19
What is this program and why do we have it?
Purpose Statement: To support our military and their families.
What can you do in September?
  1. Ensure that America’s POW/MIAs be honored and recognized through the POW/MIA Remembrance Services-September 21, 2018
  2. Click here to download How to Plan a POW/MIA Remembrance Service or download it from our National Security page on
The American Legion Family is dedicated to ensuring that America’s POW/MIAs be honored and recognized, not just memorialized. Legion efforts focus on the need to account as fully as possible for those still missing, alive or dead. An important way all Legion Family members create awareness and remembrance for this initiative is through conducting POW/MIA Remembrance Services at unit meetings and public events. Strong united support by all Legion Family members is crucial to bringing all of our heroes home.
Other ongoing ideas that we all can do any time: Member and unit:
  • Wear red each Friday to “Remember Everyone Deployed.”
  • Donate blood or assist in a blood drive in your community.
  • Work to identify recipients and present Blue or Gold Star banners to individuals or businesses.
  • Greet service members and families as they deploy/return from deployment.

Donna Rae Smith
Hello Everyone.  I want to thank you for allowing me to be your Department Chaplain this year.  It is truly an honor and I look forward to serving you.
An American Legion Auxiliary Chaplains – Department of Colorado page has been added to Facebook.  If you have not already seen it, please come check it out.  Anyone is welcome to join the page. You may reach the page by typing the following URL into the address bar …
I will be attending the National Chaplain’s Conference the last weekend in September.  It is my hope to learn more and be able to better serve you, our veterans and their families.  

Thank you and God Bless

Dee Chappell-Haley, Chairman 2018-19
EFFECTIVE LEADERS ARE TEAM BUILDERS. Successful teams communicate well, support and encourage each member, stay focused on the task, encourage and welcome all participants, find value in every helping hand and remember to generously share the words please and thank-you.

LEADERS SHOULD BE: Prepared- Prompt- Friendly- Inclusive- Flexible- Humble- Kind- Appreciative and Strong when necessary. Be willing to educate yourself in proper conduct of business and leadership strategies and methods. Encourage members to participate and share. Celebrate successes!! Remember to LAUGH together whenever possible.

CHANGE THINGS UP!! Start your monthly meeting with something unique and different. Be bold and adventurous! Social media and google can be great tools. Use them. Start with a joke and offer encouragement. Remember to thank your attendees in advance for giving their time to come attend the meeting. Ask a member to share a short success with the group or encourage her to introduce the veteran who served through a short story, so she could be eligible to join the ALA. Find a motivational or inspirational quote, message or picture to share with everyone before you begin or at the closing. Remember to thank everyone again for attending and encourage them to attend your next meeting.

SEPTEMBER’S QUOTE OF THE MONTH- “The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets people to do the greatest things”. -Ronald Reagan

Service to Veterans - VA&R
Theresa Brandt, Chairman 2018-19
August Activities:
  • The new VA hospital opened with a ribbon cutting ceremony.
  • District 7 hosted an ice cream social at Bruce McCandless Colorado Veterans Community Living Center on August 11, 2018. Dept Vice President Theresa Brandt made the ice cream
  • As VA&R chairman I sat in on a conference call on the Colorado Womens Veteran Summit Workshop planning call
  • I read through and sent information for VA&R to put in the Fall Conference packets.
  • Some units are planning for the All Patients Day in Pueblo during the National Presidents visit
Cindy Heater, Chairman 2018-19

Welcome Fall well almost!!!!  AEF Fund is a national grant assistance Program that provides temporary emergency help to eligible member of the American Legion Auxiliary who have suffered a significant financial setback  of an act of nature or personal crisis.  You have probably all read this statement.  With the fires, tornado's and storms we have many in our area who may need help.
Please go to the American Legion Auxiliary Department of Colorado page and click on Committees and Chairman section and read the Eligibility Requirements for an AEF application. Look over the application form remembering the maximum dispersion is $2400.00 and must be approved by national.
If you have any question you can contact me Cindy Heater at 970-522-1445.  Please continue with the Penny Jar Challenge and next month we will have more information on some new ideas to help or Auxiliary Members. 

PR Committee - Social Media
Are you a chairman and not sure what you need for your web page.  The Chairman's Web form will help.  Click here to download the form or you can find it on the Committees and Chairmen page.  Also available on the Committees and Chairmen is a How To Guide for chairmen - all the basics to use your web page and submit articles for the newsletter.

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Tech Corner
Have a question about your computer, a piece of software, your Facebook page or how to build your own web page for your unit or district.  Trying to figure out how to fill in that online form or you just need some help building a document.  Now you have a place to ask that question - check out our Technology page.
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