Monthly News Letter May 2019 - Take Two!
The first edition of the newsletter had some links from the website that have broken and we're working to repair.  In the meantime, I've built new links and am sending this second edition so you can see all the Convention Information. 

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Don't miss out on a moment of Convention 2019.  To be held at the Hotel Eleganté Conference & Event Center, activities start with a Mini Mission Training on Thursday, June 20th through the combined Memorial Service Sunday, June 23rd. 

New this year - Mini Mission Training Thursday with Linda Boone, Interim National Secretary.  Friday join us for the Mission Awards Banquet hosted at Post 209. Meetings, education and fun - hope you will all be there!

A final agenda is available now; click here to view meal options.  Still need a room - click here for hotel information.

Message from President
Laurie Kuntz


Make a Difference

The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well. -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
What an impactful and powerful quote.  Think about the meaning, Make some Difference.
As a volunteer our mission should be clear, it is “service not self.”  In what we do is make a difference, even if it is just to one.  We touch a life with a smile, handshake, donation, etc.  We must stay focused on our mission to stand tall and contribute to others.

There are times when we get frustrated with those we work with.  However, there is a time and place to address the issues.  It is not a public forum where we put laundry out to dry for everyone to see it.  There are so many great programs to focus energy on.

Did you know that American Legion Baseball touches the lives of more kids each year then Girls and Boys State combined?  Each of these programs deserves a focus, energy, time, and donations to make them a success.  Touch the lives of our country’s future.  Make a difference to them.

There area so many great things our units and families do to support our children and youth, active duty military, and veterans.  It might be a fundraiser at the post, but then that money raised supports a troop, a scholarship, a children’s event, many different things.  How many people has this made a difference to?

A visit to a VA, ice cream social, bingo, cookies, blanket distribution, or even just a visit to chat.  Make a difference to them.

Sending letters, care packages, prayers to deployed soldiers.  Make a difference to them.
Remember our mission.  Remember WHY you are a member and who you honor.  Would it be an honor to them if you lost sight of the mission. 

There are benefits to yourself as well.  Be kind, be aware, and be flexible to those around you.  Commander Robb and I have said several times, play nice in the sand box.  It is to the benefit of your units and yourself.

Convention promises to have some adventure and new things.  We will have a “mini-mission training” Thursday June 20 in the morning with Past National President Linda Boone.  Friday we will have some workshop training and open forum.  You ask the questions.  Instead of doing our normal awards during the meeting we will be hosting an awards night on Friday June 21 at Post 209.  This allowed us the free time for the training and to celebrate the American Legion’s 100th Birthday.  Mission accomplishments are to be celebrated.  Come to the Friday night dinner and enjoy great company.

See you at convention.

Service to Veterans - VA&R
Theresa Brandt, Chairman 2018-19

As our year comes to an end and reports are finished for the year, all of our units can give themselves a big pat on the back for all that they did for our veterans this year. We all did an amazing job serving our veterans. We donated $60,306 dollars, traveled 7200 miles, donated 22,250 hours, served 5724 veterans, and acquired $20,222 In-kind donations to VA&R for the year 2018-2019.
We volunteered at our VA Medical Center, Veteran Community Living Centers, participated in Stand Downs, participated in school veteran programs, participated in Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day Ceremonies, Flag Day, 4th of July, Easter, Christmas activities, Military Dawgs, Operation Bear Hugs, Baby Showers, All Patients Day, Honor Flights, Starbucks Military Family, Shippers Ceremonies, Wreath Across America, Upward Bound Program, Home Front Cares, Veteran Councils, Military Affairs, Homeless Shelters, food pantries, All Women’s Summit workshop, honoring female veterans, Creative Arts Festival, participated in parades, funerals, dinners, lunches, and breakfasts. We participated in VA gift shops, birthday parties, BBQs, decorating Christmas trees, providing meals, bingo, and ice cream socials at our VA centers and community living centers.

 We helped our veterans by giving them rides to appointments, shopping, cleaning house, laundry, yard work, paper work, paying bills, cooking meals, taking them out foe meals, and helped them move.
One unit had 18 members who earned volunteer hour pins.
It’s been a pleasure to serve as chairman of this great program. I would recommend that more units report what they do, include miles on the reports and let the chairman know how many hour pins you earn so the chairman can put you in for awards.
Continue your great works in VA&R it makes the difference between a veteran getting help and not getting help. You all are amazing women.

This is it!
Thanks for joining us this year as we shared what President Laurie and her Committee Chair's were doing to serve our active duty military, veterans and their families.  Thanks to all of our Chairmen who contributed to the newsletter throughout the year.
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