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Taking care of the Association


Dear IASC Members,
After the election of the new IASC Board, which took place in the General Assembly during the WCP 2013, we achieved several important objectives. Without them, the same activities of the Association would be more difficult. Let us briefly recall these objectives.

Firstly, the IASC became an NGO, regularly registered. This particular achievement was due to Israeli members of the association, headed by our President Marcelo Dascal. Following this result, the IASC could have its own official bank account.

Afterwards, a new IASC website was created. It allows to interact on different items. On the site, one has the possibility to renew the membership, using PayPal, without paying high fees required by banks for money transfer.

In the following months, we created an online shop, that allows all of us to purchase different products with the IASC logo.

In September 2014, we created the IASC Newsletter, which represents an important link tool that helps us feel part of the same community, sharing information and news about the life of the association and its members.

Finally, we organized the International Workshop "Paradoxes of Conflicts", held in Lecce in December 2014.
Today we want to continue on this road with greater force.
We intend, therefore, to establish a program for the next three years.
To do that, we ask all of you, members of the IASC,  to send us ideas and proposals. A three-year program will help us plan activities and seek to involve more and more our partners, starting with the youngest (students, researchers, etc.).

Meanwhile, we are working to create a poster to be sent to each of you in the coming months. The poster may be downloaded, printed and hung in the universities where we work. It will contain an important "Call for Members" together a presentation of the Association and the list of activities that together we are going to define.

Therefore, please take five minutes of your time to share with us your ideas about the future of our association.
Let’s take care of us!

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