Wisdom has built her house...she has also set her table
       Proverbs 9:1a, 2b
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March 21st, 2021 Worship Service

Please join us this Sunday for Worship with Pastor Anabel at 11am via Zoom.
The Service will be posted to Facebook about 1pm


Pastoral Care

If you are in need of pastoral care please contact:
Pastor Anabel, - 717- 413-7594
Jeremy Edwards, - 314-560-3909
       Save the Date  

Sunday, March 28th, will be a regular Palm Sunday Service at
11am via zoom.

Thursday, April 1st Maundy Thursday Worship Service 7pm via zoom.

Sunday, April 4th Easter Service at 11am via zoom.
There will be no Children's Sunday school.

       Your Consistory Members
If you have any comments or concerns please contact a member of your Consistory.

Nilda Roman - President
Deborah Miley - Vice President
Mary Margaret Kelly - Secretary
Brian Sterner - Personnel
Wendy Baker-Davis
Tiffany Dickel
Kate Diller
Dennis Johnson
Diane Koon

       Wisdom's Table Friend Marion Smith is being ordained

       Children's Time

 Children's time at 9:30a.m. each Sunday morning except the first Sunday of the month. 

If your child, niece, nephew, grandchild etc. would like to participate please contact the church office.
Lenten Spiritual Practice Gathering

For the season of Lent, Pastor Anabel Proffitt will be hosting a one-hour zoom weekly gathering on Wednesday evenings from 7:00 to 8:00 beginning February 24th through March 24th. 

 This will give participants an opportunity to share how they are experiencing the readings and art from our Lenten devotional resource “Again and Again,” as well as to engage in spiritual practice together.

Thank you to Emmanuel  for sharing his music with us every Sunday.

Dianne Moody would like to thank everyone for your support, prayers, cards, flowers, and condolences for the passing of her mother. 

Thank you to all our staff who work hard to keep Wisdom's Table going. We appreciate all that you do. 

Thank you for Children's Sunday School it brings joy and laughter to us each week.
     prayer Time


Pray time will be held April 13th from 6:30-6:50p.m. via Zoom.
       One Great Hour of Sharing 

Donations will be collected starting Tuesday, March 1st to Wednesday, March 30th.
Wednesday Book Group

 The group is discussing a book titled Sacred Instructions- Indigenous Wisdom for Living Spirit - Based Change by Sherri Mitchell.  The Group will meet from 10:00 to 11:30a.m. every Wednesday. If any one is interested you can email Pastor Anabel at and she will send you a Zoom link.

Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday series
We meet weekly at 10:00 AM and are reading brief reflections from Every Thing is Sacred, a companion book to Richard Rohr’s The Universal Christ. 
Please consider joining us for this inspiring look at incarnational Christianity as framed by Franciscan Father Richard and Patrick Boland! You will be able to join the discussion without purchasing Every Thing is Sacred or The Universal Christ but having access to one or both will be helpful, both to read the very brief reflections before class and to use the Reflective Exercises on your own and in community!
Book(s) or not, please pop in for our Zoom discussion! You can get a link for the Zoom meeting or get more info by emailing Diane Koon at

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Church Website:

Please hold the following people and situations in prayer:


If you have prayer requests that you want to share in the newsletter, please email it to Pam 

Please keep our shut-in members and friends in prayer.


Julia Levis, Bill DiNino, and Brenda Buckwalker 

Please keep all those who have been infected with the virus in your prayers.  Keep the medical personnel and first responders safe and healthy. Please keep all those effected by this countries injustice in prayers.


Prayers for Jenny T's Daughter Robyn, her husband Albert, and their oldest daughter Emily in North Carolina, who all have contracted Covid-19,  pray for those facing illness; prayers for Dillion Cruz as he deals with the death of his mother; prayers for Kristina's health  and for a special intention; prayers for the mentally ill and those who are lonely; prayers for the health of our congregation; prayers of thanks for so many people reaching out to share themselves with me; prayers for those who are mourning; pray for Felicia's health; prayers for all who are awaiting vaccines and that everyone who wants a vaccine in the world can have one; prayers for the Krofcheck's niece Danielle's health, for all who are afraid or struggling with mental health; prayers for the humane treatment of all God's creatures and our Earth; continued prayers for the Muise's daughter Debbie, prayers for the Muise's sister Janice, as she mourns the loss of her husband Ken who passed away last Wednesday; prayers for Joyce W's sister, her family and their granddaughter Meiryn, waiting now for a CT scan  and results; prayers for full time employment; prayers for Wendy's brother-in-law Craig's recovery after gallbladder surgery; pray for peace in the world; prayers for those who are hungry and lonely, for those oppressed by systemic racism and classism; prayers for John P as he prepares to visit his brother Jim in Richmond, their sister from Atlanta will be joining them as they celebrate Jim's birthday; prayers for Val and Matt Schade, that Val will continue to have a healthy pregnancy; prayers for healing in our country and the world; prayers for Beth Samson's neighbor's, Jeff - his cancer returned & Emily as she finishes treatment  and stem cell transplant for leukemia.     

Spring has Sprung

Deb K Herb Garden
March Birthdays

Happy Birthday to our Members and Friends
Wendy Baker-Davis                 Tiffany Dickel
Judy Buch-Leauby                   Hugh Dickel
Dillion Cruz                             Jasmine Gary
MaryJean Glick                        Deb Krofcheck
Sue Meister                              Dianne Moody
Jenny Oravecz                         Arthur Ozimek
Karen Risser                            Joao Teixeira
Ariek Barakat                           Rich Buckwalter
Beth Samson
March Awareness Month

Women's History Month
World Day of Prayer- March 3rd
Employee Appreciation Day - March 5th
International Women's Day- March 8th 
National Hug your Dog Day- March 10th
National Good Samaritan Day- March 13th
Daylight Saving Time starts- March 14th
St. Patrick's Day - March 17th
Respect your Cat Day-March 28th
Wear your Green, Hug your animals, appreciate the strong Women in your life and donate to One Great Hour of Sharing for the Churches mission this month.  


During this time please remember the church!

The church still needs your financial giving during these uncertain times.
Here are some ways you can continue to give to Wisdom's Table.:
1.  Mail your contribution to:  Wisdom's Table at St. Peter's UCC, 816 Buchanan Ave., Lancaster PA 17603  (Pam and Tommy will be making sure the mail is collected)

2.  Visit Wisdom's Table's website.  At the top there is a tab "How to Donate".  The e-giving button is our new online giving.  If you donate from your bank account to ours there is no fees.  If you donate by using your credit card there are fees.  You can also schedule a donation to happen monthly, yearly, weekly or a one time donation.

Our PayPal button is still available.  

3.  Most banks have bill pay.  Visit your bank's website and make a donation through bill pay.

4. Please consider making a donation to the Jane Addams Fund.  Many of our members will be experiencing difficult times in the near future.  

Thank you for remembering the church!


Don't forget to send Rich a note!

At this time all State Prisons have suspended any visitation.  Please keep Rich in your prayers and send him a note.

Due to new state regulations all mail is processed through Florida.  Rich has not moved, he is still in Huntingdon.
Please address your mail as listed below:
 Smart Communications/PA DOC
 Richard Buckwalter NK-7086
 SCI Huntingdon
 PO Box 33028
 St. Petersburg, Florida 33733

Please remember to surround Brenda with love from Wisdom's Table!
Brenda Buckwalter
640 Acorn Oaks Drive
Salisbury, N.C. 28146


The reopening task force team will update you as to the protocols and who can enter the building. If you need to enter the building please email the church at or call (717) 392-8912 to make an appointment. 

At this time some of our building user groups have started to enter the building and they are following the safety protocols laid out by the church and the CDC.

 No Worship in the Sanctuary at this time.  

The task force will make sure the church follows CDC guidelines and protocols.

Please be a little more patient as this Team works for your safety and the safety of everyone!