October Newsletter                          
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autumn impressions in the categories nature and scenery
Autumn Forest
Wooden Path
in the category animals
Flat-Coated Retriever Laila
Have a look at the photos I took during the guinea pig autumn shoot
Infrared Photography
Here are the first results of testing my new IR filter.
I just started photographing using this kind of filter and I still have to practice a lot until the photos look the way I want them to look like but I think they look quite good for the beginning.
Photo Series
I started to create photo series. Have a look at the two first series over here.
New Blog Posts
Pixel to Paint
Pixel to Paint is a new project I carry out together with Kay, a young German artist. It was her idea to pick out some of my photos and then to paint or draw a copy of them.
Read the full blog post and have a look at the first pictures here.
Butterflies Photo
Butterflies Drawing
Nikon AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 G REVIEW
I bought a new lens and tried to write my first photo gear review. You can read it and have a look at the first photos I took with this lens over here.
Dewdrops on Grass
Reinvention Month Contest UPDATE
The GoPro I won arrived a week ago together with a keychain, a lanyard and several, different pin buttons.
I'll add the first results of testing the camera soon, I promise ;)
GoPro Hero3+
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