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Haydom Lutheran Hospital Newsletter #03

New look to HLH Bright Future

For this edition we have tried to restyle the look of the Bright Future newsletter to become more personal, more based on faces and places in and around Haydom. Madaktari Africa has generously given us access to their stunning photographs from which we will be borrowing over the next year to make the newsletter (and the updated website - still to come - as well) look better.

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Haydom 60 years!

This year, Haydom celebrates its 60th year since the hospital officially opened its doors on 15 January 1955. Exactly 60 years later, we had a wonderful celebration.
During the celebrations on 15 January, the fundraiser for the future new hospital building raised more than one hundred thousand dollars - a staggering result!  

Highlights of the day were the gracious guest of honour Mary Nagu, Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office for Investment and Empowerment , the warm words spoken by the Ambassador of Norway Mrs Hanne-Marie Kaarstad, the chairman of Friends of Haydom pledging a large sum in support of the development of the hospital, the support brought by Anders Wahstedt on behalf of Sørlandet Hospital, the greetings from the town of Mandal conveyed by the Mayor of Mandal (and the support from every inhabitant), Mama Kari's greetings conveyed by Lilli-Ann Aanensen, the presence of Madaktari Africa and many more.

This day really illustrated that Haydom is so blessed with all its wonderful and generous partners.


HLH looks back on a successful 60 years. Looking forward, we envision a proud new hospital building that will not only be renowned for its unmatched quality of clinical services, but will also be sought out by Tanzania’s budding talent for its good training programs as well as the career opportunities provided by its thriving international research centre.
60 years to be proud of
Our hospital can look back on a very successful first 60 years of existence. With its roots as a humble mission post it quickly grew into an important actor in the healthcare of its surrounding communities, in the hands of several very capable leaders.
Two important milestones in the history of our hospital are the start of the nursing (initially pre-nursing) school in 1973 and more recently, the establishment of the research facility in 2010. Today our hospital is a 420-bed regional referral level hospital and forms the epicentre of a dynamic community.
From a development perspective, much more has been achieved than the establishment of a successful hospital alone. The hospital has attracted an educated labour-force, the area has steadily become wealthier and a whole host of secondary services, shops and businesses now thrive in the area surrounding our hospital. There are many schools at both primary and secondary level and there is even a vocational school for students wanting to learn something more technical.
The hospital itself shows the fruit borne from 60 years of dedicated and faithful labour. We can speak of maturity now that we proudly host six Tanzanian medical specialists, have a teaching program for Tanzanian intern doctors, have a fully qualified pharmacist in charge of the pharmacy and have a steady supply of nurses from the Haydom School of Nursing.
The hospital continues to have a strong impact in the more distant communities as well through its well-run outreach programme, screening and inoculating thirty thousand pregnant women and more than eighty thousand children yearly.
Continue to lead for another 60 years!
With all this accomplishment in the first 60 years, nothing would seem impossible to achieve over the next 60 years. In our vision, we will build a new hospital building that will be nationally and internationally renowned for three important reasons.
As a first pillar - the clinical side of our hospital will continue to thrive and strive to achieve the highest possible standards of clinical care. Continuing to attract more specialists over time, we believe our hospital can grow into a national consultant level hospital.

As a second pillar, we see our institution as a training institution, providing a whole host of training services ranging from the already existing nurse and intern doctor training programs to training clinical officers, lab technicians, pharmacy technicians. This will officially make our hospital a teaching hospital, which strongly complements high quality of clinical services - and who knows what the more distant future can bring, Haydom University?

As a third pillar, we see the research centre growing further, attracting ever more research programs and offering a host of new career opportunities to our educated staff. Already we have two Tanzanian doctors pursuing a PhD at our research facility.
As a foundation to these three pillars, the focus for the next five years will be squarely on further improvements of quality of clinical services and improving the administrational capacities of our hospital, together with securing increasing financial sustainability through engaging more donors and seeking increasing support from the Tanzanian government.

We believe Haydom Lutheran Hospital faces a bright and prosperous future and we are proud to celebrate the 60th anniversary together with you this year!
HLH Management

Retirement of MMD...

15 January not only marked our 60th anniversary but also the retirement of the Managing Medical Director dr. Olav Espegren. Dr. Olav served Haydom from the very start of his career as medical doctor, met and married his lovely wife Turid at Haydom and they 
had their first child at Haydom. Dr. Olav's career then took them to different parts of the world, China and Norway, and he then decided to dedicate his last years of his career to Haydom again. Haydom is grateful for their love and dedication and will always remember Dr. Olav and Turid!

... and the new acting MMD

After we announced our new Assistant Managing Medical Director dr. Emanuel Q. Nuwass in the previous edition of this newsletter, we now announce him as the Acting Managing Medical Director for the interim period in which a more permanent solution is sought. 
Haydom is lucky that such a capable person has been found for this role and wishes Dr. Nuwass the very best of luck managing this complex organisation in the interim. 

Friends of Haydom visit

We had a wonderful week at Haydom with the annual visit from our Friends of Haydom. They had a busy program visiting our 4-Corner Cultural Centre, the vocational school, going on outreach, Mama Kari secondary school and a visit to Yaeda Chini to name but a few highlights. 
On Thursday we had a wonderful farewell dinner with delicious food, lots of singing and touching speeches, and on the morning of their departure the 
confirmants presented an amazing gift to our Reproductive Child Health unit (core of the outreach program): a large contribution towards getting a new Landcruiser! RCHS in-charge Bertha is in the photo together with the confirmants.
Thank you for your visit Friends of Haydom and we look forward to the next year!!

Care2x reimplementation: huge success so far!

In 2007/2008, Care2x was first introduced to HLH. Those who knew how to operate computers were few and computers were even fewer! The present management decided the Care2x project has been slumbering for long enough! 
In March HLH took the plunge and with the capable support of the ELCT ICT Helpdesk, the whole outpatient department now operates in a fully paperless environment!  Registration, doctor's notes, diagnosis, prescriptions, radiology and laboratory test requests and results, pharmacy dispensing and billing are ALL computer-based now. All the medical staff (OPD and IPD) has received basic training in using Care2x and have taken to using the computers as part of their work-flow remarkably well.

Key areas such as laboratory and pharmacy strongly embrace the new technologies, recognising the benefits to their work-flow. After seeing the lab-request and results module on the computer, a Dutch doctor on site remarked that HLH is now ahead of most Dutch hospitals in terms of leveraging the power of computers!

Thanks to the tireless support of the IT team at Haydom and the willing and enthusiastic way the medical staff has embraced this new technology, the first step towards full computer-based patient administration has been a huge success. Haydom counts itself very lucky with its capable staff and they form the foundation for all of Haydom's successes.

This important step into the future has also been made possible by Friends of Haydom, who generously donated a large number of computers to HLH in 2014 as well as having earlier donated a very large inverter (UPS) and generator that allows us to rely on our electricity being available almost 100% of the time. Without these we could not have committed to a fully paperless solution and our gratitude to the limitless support from Friends of Haydom is as always immeasurable.

An individual supporter who really deserves special mention is Alexander Hoogerhuis. His tireless IT support has lead to our local network being one of the most advanced and flexible networks in Tanzania, at a very low cost to HLH. We have a local IT team that proudly works odd hours to make sure the network is not interrupted during the day and the reason they are proud is because they are working with tons of high-tech equipment that constantly gets donated and sent-over to us by Alex. And when we face a problem that is too complicated to solve with our local expertise, Alex is ready to help us day and night.

A big big THANK YOU goes to our generous supporters from the whole of HLH. We aim to repay your support with success! 
Every second Monday of each month, a 31 years old South African Pilot flies a small 5-passenger plane to Haydom from Arusha. MAF pilot Kirstein Combrink has been routinely flying to Haydom in the past three years, the mission he calls "Showing the love of Christ to the people in remote and unreached areas".

Showing the love of Christ to the unreached people

Our outreach program to 27 remote destinations includes 7 destinations that are difficult (costly) to reach by road. Thanks to the large subsidy from MAF, HLH actually saves money by serving these areas through the air. It also gives the mother-and-child team more time to serve people effectively rather than spending useless hours travelling rough roads.
Kirstein takes a joy in serving and getting to know people in one of the most remote areas of the world. "Although life out there is quite challenging, the people love their children and really make an effort to be at our clinics. It can be quite difficult to survive in some of these areas, being very hot and dry, but the people here are tough and have adapted well to the difficult environment". 
We have a winner! As part of the 60 year celebrations this year we had a logo-competition for designing a new for our hospital.  The winning entry came from Randi Hjemlestad. Congratulations to Randi, she wins a free week’s stay in HLH’s luxurious guesthouse accommodation, including all meals, and if the logo gets approved by our hospital board she of course wins eternal fame!

In May, the management will propose this logo to be formally adopted by the hospital board. In the mean time, the logo is only used by way of testing, in our hospital's communications.
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