New research and information about child injury prevention.
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Safekids Aotearoa Information Service Bulletin                        March 2015


Keeping you up to date with new research and information about child injury prevention.

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This issue has around 60 new research articles and other material on different aspects of unintentional child injury. We've divided the bulletin into the following sections:

New research, books, articles etc


Where available, we've included a link to the full text online. If there's something you are interested in that's not available online, please contact your local public or corporate library to access items.


Koppel, S; Charlton, J; Rudin-Brown, C.  The impact of new legislation on child restraint system (CRS) misuse and inappropriate use in Australia. Traffic Injury Prevention, 14 (4), 2013. 387-96 


Pickett, K. E.; Wilkinson, R.G. The ethical and policy implications of research on income inequality and child well-being. Pediatrics, 135(Suppl 2), 2015. S39-S47.

Jutte,  D. P.; Miller,  J. L.; Erickson, D. J. Neighborhood adversity, child health, and the role for community development. Pediatrics, 135 (Suppl 2), 2015. S48-S57

Ludbrook, Robert.; Jamison, Andrea.; UNICEF New Zealand. Kids missing out : it's time to make progress on children's rights : a summary of the first twenty years of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in Aotearoa New Zealand. [Wellington?]: Unicef, 2015?. 27 p.



Oliver, J.; Wang, J. J. J.; Grzebieta, R. A systematic review of methods used to assess mandatory bicycle helmet legislation in New Zealand. J. Australas. Coll. Road Saf., 25-31(4), 2014. 24.
Link to article



Wallis, B. A. et al. Drowning mortality and morbidity rates in children and adolescents 0-19 yrs: a population based study in Queensland, Australia. PLoS One, 10: e0117948., 2015.



Johnson, Victoria Anne; Evaluating disaster education programs for children : a thesis presented for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Emergency Management at Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand. The Author, 2014.



Cassell, Erin; Clapperton, Angela. Preventing serious fall injury in children (2) : falls involving furniture, skateboards and scooters. Hazard (VISU), 78 (Summer), 2014. 20 p.
Link to PDF



Worksafe New Zealand. Safer farms.

On this web page you'll find the following documents:
  • Children and young people [on farms].
  • Safe use of quad bikes : information sheet : the rider


Johnson, Alan; Child Poverty Action Group Policy Paper Series. Our children, our choice: priorities for policy : part 4 : housing market changes and their impact on children. Auckland : Child Poverty Action Group Inc, 2014. 35 p.
Link to PDF



Rushton, F.E. et al.  Enhancing child safety and well-being through pediatric group well-child care and home visitation: the Well Baby Plus Program. Child Abuse Negl.,  Jan 27. ePub(ePub) ahead of print, 2015.

Alexander, D. et al. The challenge of compiling data profiles to stimulate local preventive health action: a European case study from child safety. Int. J. Public Health, ePub, 2015.



McArthur, Adam.; Savolainen, Peter T.; Gates, Timothy J. Spatial analysis of child pedestrian and bicycle crashes : development of safety performance function for areas adjacent to schools. Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, Volume 2465 / Safety Management; School Transportation; Young Drivers 2014 (Online Monday, February 02, 2015), 2015. 57-63

Chillón, P. et al.  A longitudinal study of the distance that young people walk to school. Health & Place, Volume 31, January 2015, 2015. 133–137

McDonald, N. C. et al. Impact of the Safe Routes to School program on walking and bicycling.
J. Am. Plan. Assoc., 80(2), 2014. 153-167.



Safe Kids Worldwide. Safe Kids in action : global activity report. Washington (DC), Safe Kids Worldwide: 2007-
Recent reports: Link to web page


Bachani, A. M. et al. The role of NGOs in child injury prevention : an organizational assessment of one network of NGOs. Health Policy, 119, 2015. 74-81



Bennet, S. A.; Yiannakoulias, N.; Motor-vehicle collisions involving child pedestrians at intersection and mid-block locations. Accid. Anal. Prev., 78, 2015. 94-103.

Hamilton, K. et al. Pedestrian deaths in children--potential for prevention. Ir. Med. J., 108, 8-11.

Koopmans, J. M. et al. Urban crash-related child pedestrian injury incidence and characteristics associated with injury severity. Accid. Anal. Prev., 77C, 2015. 127-136.



McIntosh, Alison H.; Collins, Damian; Parsons, Marc. ‘A place for healthy activity’: Parent and caregiver perspectives on smokefree playgrounds. Health & Place, Volume 31, January, 2015. 146–153.



Canares, T.L.  Poisoning prevention. Pediatr. Rev., 36, 2015. 82-85 

Wallis, L. Laundry detergent pods pose a dangerous poisoning risk for children. Am. J. Nurs., 115, 2015. 15



Capitena, C. et al. Corneal injuries from liquid detergent pods. J. AAPOS, 19, 2015. 99-100



Shults, R. A.; West, B. A.; ATV riding and helmet use among youth ages 12-17 years, USA, 2011: results from the YouthStyles survey. Injury Prevention, 21, 2015. 10-14

White, B. K.; Baker, NJ de C. Child and youth mortality from motorcycle, quad bike and motorised agricultural vehicle use with a focus on deaths under age 15 years : Special Report. Wellington: Child and Youth Mortality Review Committee, 2014. 
Link to PDF

Clay, L. et al. Unrealistic optimism, fatalism, and risk-taking in New Zealand farmers' descriptions of quadbike incidents: a directed qualitative content analysis. J. Agromed., 20, 02015. 11-20.



SWOV. Distraction in traffic: what are the hazards.[Holland]: Institute for Road Safety Research, 2013. 2p.
Link to PDF

SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research. Traffic education youngsters 10-17 years insufficiently effective [Blog post]. 2015.
Link to web page



Waimakariri District Council;Injury Prevention Waimakariri. Safety first, never last. Have a future, not a past. s.l. : Waimakariri District Council, 2014? - 1 A4 Pamphlet. 1 p.

Waimakariri Primary School. Waimakariri Primary School quad / motorcycle survey. s.l. : Waimakariri Primary School, 2012. 1 p.

Waimakariri Primary School. Waimakariri Primary School horse survey. s.l. : Waimakariri Primary School, 2012. 1 p.

Waimakariri District Council;Injury Prevention Waimakariri. ATV or motorcycle readiness checklist. s.l. : Waimakariri District Council, 2014?  A4 Pamphlet. 2 p.
Link to PDF

Waimakariri District Council;Injury Prevention Waimakariri. Things you need to know about rural safety : are you and your child ready for a pony? s.l. : Waimakariri District Council, 2014?. A4 Pamphlet. 2 p.
LInk to web version


Midland District Health Boards. Safe infant sleeping - birth to 1 year. s.l. : Midland DHB,
2013. 15 p.

Elder, Dawn. Reducing the risk of sudden infant death-a steady gain but still room for improvement.
The New Zealand Medical Journal (Online), 128.1408 (Jan 30, 2015), 2015. 13-14.

Hutchison, B Lynne.; Thompson, John M D.; Mitchell, Edwin A. Infant care practices related to sudden unexpected death in infancy: a 2013 survey. The New Zealand Medical Journal (Online), 128.1408 (Jan 30, 2015), 2015. 15-22.

Northern Region safe sleep policy. Auckland? : Regional Child Health Network, 2014. 7 p.,



International Organization for Standardization. Safety aspects - guidelines for child safety in standards and other specifications. 3rd ed. Geneva : ISO; IEC, 2015. 39 p.



Haybatollahi M. et al. Neighbourhood preferences, active travel behaviour, and built environment: an exploratory study. Transp. Res. F Traffic Psychol. Behav, 29, 2015. 57-69. 

Van Kann, D. H. H. et al.; Parental active transportation routines (PATRns) as a moderator of the association between neighborhood characteristics and parental influences and active school transportation. Environ. Behav., ePub, 2015.

Demant Klinkera, Charlotte. et al. When cities move children: Development of a new methodology to assess context-specific physical activity behaviour among children and adolescents using accelerometers and GPS. Health and Place, Jan; 31, 2015. 90-9.

Auckland Transport. 2013/14 Community Transport evaluation report. Auckland : Auckland Transport, 2015?. 65 p.
Link to PDF

Mitchell, R. J. et al. Risk factors associated with the severity of injury outcome for paediatric road trauma. Injury, 13 February 2015, ePub, 2015.

Carver, A. et al. Active transport, independent mobility and territorial range among children residing in disadvantaged areas. J. Transp. Health, 1(4), 2014. 267-273

Mammen, G. et al. School travel planning in Canada : Identifying child, family, and school-level characteristics associated with travel mode shift from driving to active school travel. J. Transp. Health, 1 (4), 2014. 288-294

Smith, L. Walking school buses as a form of active transportation for children-a review of the evidence. J. Sch. Health, 85, 2015. 197-210.

Austroads. Road fatalities and serious injuries in Australia and New Zealand 2001–10. 2015. 70 p.
Link to web location (Registration required for downloads)



Auckland Council. I am Auckland : an Auckland-wide strategic action plan for children and young people : stage 1. Auckland : Auckland Council, 2015. 39 p.
Link to web page



Latham G; Long, T; Devitt, P. Children's misunderstandings of hazard warning signs in the new globally harmonized system for classification and labeling. Issues in Comprehensive Pediatric Nursing, Dec;36 (4), 2013. 262-78.

Waterson, P.; Monk, A. The development of guidelines for the design and evaluation of warning signs for young children. Applied ergonomics, Sep; 45 (5), 2014. 1353-61

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