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91st Edition March 2015

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Anders HemreThis month I take a look at gamification and point to a few interesting reports on the subject.

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Anders Hemre

Gamification: Entertaining to Engage
Gamification, i.e. the use of game design concepts in non-game environments, became all the buzz half a decade ago and companies were quick to embrace the concept. The use of prediction markets falls somewhat in the same domain, but have not attracted quite the same level of acceptance as gamification. In 2011, the Gartner group predicted that more than 50 percent of organizations that manage innovation processes will gamify those processes by 2015. This remains to be seen, but there are certainly a number of successful efforts reported from a range of enterprise environments.

Making people gain a reward or benefit from doing something fun or interesting sounds almost like a no brainer. But it still has to be designed. And it doesn’t have to be something online. The concept has been used for e.g. speed limit promotion, recycling and music playing subway stair cases.
Gartner identified four principal means of driving engagement using gamification: fast feedback, reachable goals, compelling narratives and achievable tasks.    

The following may represent cases of particular interest to readers of this newsletter:  
Integrating Gamification with Knowledge Management (PDF)
Gamification in Concept Design
Gamification and Human Resources

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Guru Interviews

Since our inception, sharing management and technology insights from around the world has been a focus of Brainovation. Now we give you the chance to enjoy all our guru interviews in one document.

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  • Benjamin Gilad: Competitive Intelligence

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