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Meeting Date Time Location
KIPDA Municipal Clerks Association Wednesday, August 5 11:30 a.m. KIPDA Burke Room
Homecare Providers’ Meeting Tuesday, August 11 9:30 a.m. KIPDA Burke Room
Area Agency on Aging Advisory
Council Meeting
Wednesday, August 12 10:00 a.m.  
KIPDA Burke Room
Transportation Technical
Coordinating Committee Meeting
Wednesday, August 12 1:00 p.m.  
KIPDA Burke Room
Mental Health & Aging Coalition Meeting Thursday, August 13 9:30 a.m. KIPDA Conference Room
Healthy Reentry Coalition Tuesday, August 18 10:00 a.m. KIPDA Burke Room
Transportation Policy Committee Meeting Thursday, August 27 1:00 p.m. KIPDA Burke Room
KIPDA Board of Directors’ Meeting Thursday, August 27 2:00 p.m. KIPDA Burke Room

*** Email if you have any questions. ***
*Since there is the possibility that a meeting could be canceled, relocated or rescheduled please call the KIPDA office at (502) 266-6084 to confirm a meeting prior to attending.
Kentuckiana Regional Planning and Development Agency will make every reasonable accommodation to assist qualified disabled persons in accessing available services or in attending agency activities.  If there is a need for KIPDA to be aware of a specific accommodation, you are encouraged to contact this agency at least one week in advance of the meeting so that suitable arrangements can be considered for the delivery of the service or attendance requirement prior to the activity.

Public Administration Division

Join us for the 40th Anniversary of the Governor’s Local Issues Conference

August 26-28, 2015

Galt House, Louisville

Click Here for More Information
Agenda Here


 30th Annual Kentucky Institute for Economic Development Course
The event will be held August 17-20, 2015 in Lexington KY.For more information and to register please visit:
 KIPDA Regional Hazard Mitigation Committee

Hazard mitigation is any action taken to reduce or eliminate long term risk to people and property from natural hazards.

The KIPDA Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan, which must be updated every 5 years, looks at community needs for the region and prioritizes what options are best for our surrounding communities in terms of best mitigation practices.  The plan is a prerequisite document that is needed for counties to apply for various FEMA mitigation grants.

On July 23
, the KIPDA Regional Hazard Mitigation Committee met to discuss plan progress and the status of events surrounding the plan. The committee consists of members from Bullitt, Henry, Oldham, Shelby, Spencer and Trimble County.

According to FEMA, for every $1 spent on mitigation, it saves $4 in post hazard situations! The 2011 plan can be viewed here.

The next meeting is scheduled for October 22, 2015 at KIPDA at 10:30.


2015 KAMM Conference

The Kentucky Association of Mitigation Managers is holding its annual conference on

August 25-27, 2015 at Lake Cumberland State Resort Park.


Click here for more details.

Transportation Division

Ticket-To-Ride Attends
Commuter Transportation Conference

The Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT) was held July 26-29, 2015 in Baltimore, MD.  Elizabeth Bowling, Marketing Coordinator for Ticket to Ride, attended.  Educational sessions included Introduction to Social Marketing for TDM professionals, Beyond Fundamentals of Commuter Tax benefits: Commuter Check & Spotlight of Best Workplaces for Commuters Employer Programs.  Elizabeth also attended the SEACT Board meeting, which Kentucky is a member and Vanpool Council Meeting.  The conference provided exceptional continued education that will be able to be utilized in the evolving Ticket to Ride program.

St. Matthews Chamber of Commerce 60th Anniversary Business Expo 
Traditionally, diamonds are the gift for a 60th anniversary because they are the strongest and most durable substance on earth. The St. Matthews Chamber proved their strength and durability by hosting a Business Expo on July 23rd.. The event was free to the public and featured a variety of vendors and speakers.

The KIPDA Transportation Division and Ticket-To-Ride were there to talk to members about their transportation needs and about the vanpool program. There was a great turnout for the event  held at UofL’s Shelby Campus, and it was a great way to meet the new Executive Director of the St. Matthews Chamber of Commerce, Michael Chesser.

Chesser started in his position on Monday and was excited to be involved in a business expo the same week! He says they are proud of their history and looking forward to even more excitement in the future!

Ticket-To-Ride Helps UPS Deliver a Healthier You to Employees at Health Fair
The turnout and feedback Ticket-to-Ride received from the June health fair at UPS was all the encouragement needed to sign up for another health fair in July. The theme was “Delivering a Healthier You” and the event was help at the Global Operations Center on July 15th. UPS employees were able to talk to doctors, dentists, insurance specialists and other vendors about how they could incorporate healthier habits into their lives. Ticket-To-Ride was pleased to offer them information about the benefits of vanpooling and ridesharing.    
Digital Engagement & Communications Strategies In Government Conference
The Advanced Learning Institute hosted a three day conference with workshops in Washington, D.C. July 27-30, 2015. The goal of the conference was to help government communicators to better use digital engagement and communications strategies to better achieve their agency’s goals and work with the public.

KIPDA Transportation Division Community Outreach Specialist, Ashley Davidson, attended the conference and gained valuable insight on new and innovative ways to digitally communicate with the members of the community. She hopes to utilize the information she learned to make the outreach efforts of KIPDA Transportation Division perform at a higher level and reach a much larger audience in our region!

ADA Celebrates 25th Anniversary
It may seem hard to believe, but the American’s with Disabilities Act is only 25 years old. Prior to its implementation, persons with disabilities could be discriminated against in the workplace and had limited access to transportation and buildings. On July 20th TARC, The Center for Accessible Living and the Paralyzed Veterans of America hosted a panel discussion with local people who shared their personal stories about the ADA and what it means to them.

Local officials, advocates and the public were there for the celebration and the informative discussion. The panel agreed that Louisville has made progress, but they still want to see it move toward 100% accessibility for all persons. Marcellus Mayes was one of the speakers and he says, “We have to educate people that they should be treated equally, despite their differences.” He said they will have to keep pushing for improvements if they want to make things better for the next 25 years. Another panelist said their biggest challenge today was getting younger people involved, because they don’t recall what it was like before the ADA was enacted. TARC had a bus from 1968 on hand, next to a TARC3 bus, to demonstrate the changes made to make it easier for persons with disabilities to board a bus.


Social Services Division

KIPDA Rural Diabetes Report
The KIPDA Rural Diabetes Coalition was highlighted in The Diabetes Report 2014, issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Here is the link for the report:

Also, here is an excerpt from the CDC Report:

Kentucky Coalition Improves Access to Health Care

CDC helps communities develop and set up diabetes projects in areas that are economically distressed or have significant numbers of people with low socioeconomic status. The goal is to get rid of health disparities related to diabetes.  An example of this type of project is the Kentuckiana Regional Planning and Development Agency (KIPDA). The agency supports the KIPDA Rural Diabetes Coalition (KRDC) to improve access to good medical care; affordable, healthy foods; and safe exercise opportunities for people with type 2 diabetes in three Kentucky counties. The KRDC also works to increase awareness about healthy behaviors. Because of the work of the KRDC and the Kentucky Diabetes Network, state officials pledged $2.6 million a year for 2014-2016 to support diabetes services through local and district health departments. This support will improve access to diabetes education and resources throughout the state.
Did You Know?
Infected adults are the most common source of pertussis infection in infants.  Whooping cough (also called pertussis) first appears as a common cold with a bad cough.  The cough becomes severe and the sufferer makes a “whooping” sound.  Adults and children get whooping cough. In fact, 25 to 30 percent of adults with a prolonged bad cough have whooping cough.  Whooping cough is highly contagious. 

A person is contagious before a cough starts, and up to 2 weeks after cough begins.  Pertussis can lead to pneumonia or a cough severe enough to crack ribs.  It can be fatal.  To diagnose whooping cough, a nose swab is usually sent to a lab for testing.  The CDC recommends that adults 19 to 64 years of age get a vaccine called Tdap (tetanus and diphtheria) in place of one of their 10 year tetanus boosters.  And, adults 65 years of age and older who have contact with an infant need to get a Tdap shot every 10 years.  Ask your health care provider if you need a Tdap shot. 

Cyber Attacks
Cyber-attacks, hacking of agency websites and internal computer systems are becoming more common each and every day. These attacks can have long lasting effects on the agencies themselves and the individuals whose information may be compromised.  Cyber-attacks and computer breaches are becoming a very unpopular occurrence costing agencies and tax payers billions of dollars each year in lost information and response cost. Agency leaders and IT staff are under continued pressure to prevent these attacks and must act immediately to contain any damages once an attack occurs.
A Cyber-attack is an attack initiated from a computer against a website, computer system or individual computer (collectively, a computer) that compromises the confidentiality, integrity or availability of the computer of information stored on it. Cyber-attacks take many forms, including:
  • Gaining, or attempting to gain, unauthorized access to a computer system or its data
  • Unwanted disruption or denial of service attacks, including the take down of entire web sites
  • Installation of viruses or malicious code (malware) on a computer system
  • Unauthorized use of a computer system for processing or storing data
  • Changes to the characteristics of a computer system’s hardware, firmware of software without the owner’s knowledge, instruction or consent.
  • Inappropriate use of computer systems by employees of former employees.
The procedure for investigating and responding to a cyber-attack depend largely on the nature of the attack itself.

Regardless of the nature of a cyber-attack, Agency leader(s), has the responsibility for preventing and responding to cyber-attacks.

Written by Charles A Turner, Jr.  PhD, MSW

This is an additional Link that has to do with cybersecurity:
Visit KIPDA Social Services, KYNECT, and Transportation at Worldfest!
Admission to WorldFest is FREE! for all four days of Labor Day weekend.

Summer must be flying by, because it’s almost time again for WorldFest, one of our region’s largest international festivals.  WorldFest is the region’s premier international festival, attracting more than 100,000 people to Louisville over Labor Day weekend.  In fact, WorldFest has received the Kentucky Travel Industry Association’s Judge’s Recognition Award for its Fall Top 10 Festivals and Events.  And this year is WorldFest’s 13th anniversary celebration, with four days of expanded world food, music, dance, culture and education this Labor Day weekend. 

With at least 90 languages spoken in the Louisville public schools and 50 percent of the city’s population growth over the past 15 years coming from international residents, Louisville is more culturally diverse than ever before.   “Cities that embrace and encourage their international citizens and cultures will thrive, have a stronger quality of life and will attract new growth and jobs,” Mayor Greg Fischer said, “WorldFest is a great event for exploring and celebrating Louisville’s many faces and cultures and we always look to make it more vibrant, diverse and educational. So, it’s exciting to add many new features and attractions for the 12th Annual WorldFest.” 

Read Full Article Here
111th Kentucky State Fair
August 20-30, 2015
The AAAIL has sponsored a booth at the KY State Fair for many years. We have been invited to participate in the Health Horizons area in the South Wing.  This exhibit area draws an estimated 600,000 plus visitors each year.  Having an exhibit at the state fair allows us to reach residents from the entire region as well as the state.
KIPDA staff members from the Social Service division will cover the 11 days of the Kentucky State Fair. 
The booth will be open from 9 am until 9 pm each day of the fair. 
We will provide information, assistance brochures and other printed materials regarding programs such as SHIP, In-Home Services, Waiver Services, Family Caregiver, Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, Health Promotion/Disease Prevention, Aging and Disability Resource Center, and Support Services. We also provide information on Medication Management, Senior Nutrition requirements, Housing options, and more.  
In addition, the KIPDA Kynectors program will be available at the booth each day. The Kynectors will provide information, application assistance and follow up for State Fair attendees.
Look Who's Turning 80: Social Security Announces Countdown to Agency's 80th Anniversary
Anticipation fills the air as Social Security gets closer to the agency’s historic 80th anniversary and prepares to commemorate the August 14, 1935, signing of the Social Security Act.  Acting Commissioner Carolyn W. Colvin today announced the launch of the agency’s event-filled celebration, with many activities leading up to August 14.

“Social Security offers hope and protection for millions of people and some of the most vulnerable members of the American public,” Acting Commissioner Colvin said. “This was President Franklin Roosevelt’s vision in 1935, and the vision has never been clearer, nor has the work of our agency ever been more important than it is today.”

Observing this important milestone would not be complete without the participation of the agency’s employees and the public.  To engage the public, Social Security launched a commemorative 80th anniversary website, where they will learn more about the agency’s legacy and the importance of the Social Security program. 

The website, can be used by the public to submit stories that show how Social Security has benefited them or their families. Social Security employees around the country are expressing their enthusiasm and support through the agency’s “Why I Serve” campaign, which highlights employees telling their own stories illustrating why they enjoy giving back through public service. 

 “As I reflect on our agency’s rich history, I am deeply honored to be a part of such a great organization with employees who truly embody the spirit of passionate public service,” Acting Commissioner Colvin said.  “There is nothing more rewarding than making a difference in the lives of others, and with our collective commitment, there is no limit to what we can achieve.  Happy 80th Anniversary, Social Security!”
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