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Meeting Date Time Location
KIPDA Municipal Clerks Association Wednesday, May 6 11:30 a.m. KIPDA Burke Room
Area Agency on Aging Advisory
Council Meeting
Wednesday, May 13 10:00 a.m.  
KIPDA Burke Room
Transportation Technical
Coordinating Committee Meeting
Wednesday, May 13 1:00 p.m.  
KIPDA Burke Room
Healthy Reentry Coalition Tuesday, May 19 10:00 a.m. KIPDA Burke Room
Title III Providers’ Meeting Wednesday, May 27 1:30 p.m. KIPDA Burke Room
Regional Transportation Council Meeting Thursday, May 28 1:00 p.m. KIPDA Conference Room
Transportation Policy Committee Meeting Thursday, May 28 1:00 p.m. KIPDA Burke Room
KIPDA Board of Directors’ Meeting Thursday, May 28 2:00 p.m. KIPDA Burke Room

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*Since there is the possibility that a meeting could be canceled, relocated or rescheduled please call the KIPDA office at (502) 266-6084 to confirm a meeting prior to attending.
Kentuckiana Regional Planning and Development Agency will make every reasonable accommodation to assist qualified disabled persons in accessing available services or in attending agency activities.  If there is a need for KIPDA to be aware of a specific accommodation, you are encouraged to contact this agency at least one week in advance of the meeting so that suitable arrangements can be considered for the delivery of the service or attendance requirement prior to the activity.

Public Administration Division

 Kentucky League of Cities
Upcoming Economic Development Events
Ecotourism in Kentucky 
May 6, 2015 
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., CST 
Location: Henderson City Hall

Ecotourism is one of Kentucky's fasting emerging tourism sectors, attracting people of all ages, new business and media attention.  Come to this beautiful location, surrounded by trails, caves and water, and learn how your city can assess and leverage its natural assets and find funding to do it.   
Methods for Identifying Strength and Opportunities
What are your communities' strengths and opportunities for growth and development?  How do you start to identify those assets? And perhaps most important, how do you start to establish broad consensus within your community on how to move forward in developing and promoting those assets and opportunities for growth?  
Grant Writing Workshop, Targeting Strengths and Opportunities for Development
What are the next steps in promoting your communities' assets?  How do you unleash all this data to start to justify your communities' needs and opportunities for development and make your case to funding sources?   In this workshop, we will talk about strategies for identifying funding sources and writing an effective grant proposal that makes effective use of data collected and the assets that your community has mapped and targeted for development. 

Registration: Members: $69, Non-Members: $99

All registrants are eligible to receive 7 hours of City Officials Training Center credit and/or Training Incentive Program (House Bill 119) credit.
Online Registration 

Please contact Felicia Harper at or 502.266.6084 for additional information.
 Project Development, Grant Writing, and Administration Services

The Public Administration Division offers project development, grant writing and administration services to our local governments and community partners.

We assist with funding opportunities for a variety of activities and programs including public safety, water and wastewater management, parks and recreation, hazard mitigation, and others.  KIPDA has multiple state-certified Community Development Block Grant administrators on staff.  These administrators can assist local governments and community partners with the complex process of applying for and administering these grants, which are a valuable resource for our communities.

Please contact Jarrett Haley at or 502.266.6084 for additional information.
Additional Funding Opportunities
 Community Development Block Grant
Submission Deadline Dates
The CDBG program provides assistance to communities for use in revitalizing neighborhoods, expanding affordable housing and economic opportunities, providing infrastructure and/or improving community facilities and services. With the participation of their citizens, communities can devote these funds to a wide range of activities that best serve their own particular development priorities.
All project activities must meet at least one of three national objectives:
•benefit to low and moderate income persons
•prevention or elimination of slums or blight
•meeting particularly urgent community development needs.
For the 2015 funding cycle, DLG will receive $22,343,047 for distribution. Funds are designated for various program areas including Community Projects, Community Emergency Relief Fund, Economic Development, Housing, Public Facilities Public Services (Recovery Kentucky).
Submittal Deadlines
  • CERF March 2, 2015January 29, 2016
  • Community Projects/Renaissance March 2, 2015 – August 3, 2015
  • Economic Development March 2, 2015 – January 29, 2016
  • Housing March 2, 2015 – August 3, 2015
  • Public Facilities March 2, 2015 – August 3, 2015
  • Public Services March 31, 2015 – January 31, 2016
Please contact Felicia Harper at or 502.266.6084 for additional information.
 Kentucky Office of Homeland Security Grants

The SHSP Grant is now open.

Each year Kentucky is called on to compete with other states and urban areas to receive federal homeland security funding. The state provides the U.S. Department of Homeland Security with a comprehensive document that entails how homeland security funds will be used in Kentucky.

Following a comprehensive review at the federal level that takes into consideration the elements of risk and the effectiveness of the state’s programs, a specified reward is granted.

The Commonwealth uses a competitive grant application for state and local agencies to submit proposals. When these proposals are presented, a team of peer reviewers from across the state reviews the grant application in accordance with the state’s homeland security strategy and enhancement plan. The results are then submitted to a KOHS Executive Review Panel. From there, the grants are presented to the governor for a review and final award decisions.

Please visit  or contact Eric Dennison at or 502.266.6084 for additional information.


EDA releases solicitation announcing funding for Public Works and Economic Adjustment Assistance Programs
The U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (EDA) released its solicitation announcing funding for the Public Works and Economic Adjustment Assistance programs.  EDA’s Public Works and Economic Adjustment Assistance programs provide grant funds to help distressed communities access resources to advance key infrastructure and related projects that will lead to long-term job creation and private investment.  EDA awards are competitively made.  Competitive applications under this FFO will have a clear and eligible scope of work, committed Matching Share funds (generally 50% or 1:1 Matching funds are required), commitment letters certifying job creation estimates from private sector firms, and a clear link between the proposed project and the region’s CEDS and broad development goals.   Upcoming grant deadlines for submission of an application are March 12, 2015 and June 12, 2015. 

For more information, please go to: or

Please contact Jarrett Haley at or 502.266.6084 for additional information.

Transportation Division

Ecochella at the University of Louisville Draws
Sustainable Crowd
In the words of Kermit the Frog, “Being green isn’t always easy.” But these days it is becoming easier than ever. On April 2nd , the Engage Lead Serve (E.L.S.) Board’s Green Initiative and Student Activities Board at the University of Louisville presented Ecochella, an unforgettable day of performers and action for sustainability!

The KIPDA Transportation Division was part of the sustainability fair held during the afternoon. Students and faculty stopped by and talked about their commuting patterns to and from campus and what changes they would like to see made. Whether they made increased efforts to recycle or had taken up bicycle-commuting, it was a great afternoon with free food! What student does not appreciate that? The evening concluded with music featuring; The Louisville Crashers, The Deloreans and Appalatin, and presentations that focused on “sustainability is more than recycling.”

Speakers included Dale Douthat, Director of Habitat ReStore of Metro Louisville, John Krueger, co-founder of Falls City Community Bikeworks, and Carmen Black, regional coordinator for the Read Food Challenge.

Stand Up 4 Transportation
The Federal transportation bill, MAP 21, will expire on May 31st.  Without a new, fully-funded, long-term transportation bill, the nation’s transportation planning agencies will be unable to upgrade and repair roads bridges, highways and public transportation vehicles, thus potentially putting jobs at risk while limiting citizen’s ability to travel where and when needed.

On April 9th,transit agencies across the U.S. held a rally called Stand Up 4 Transportation (SU4T) in support of a national initiative to urge Congress to pass a federal transportation bill. TARC’s Union Station was home to SU4T for the KIPDA region. KIPDA Transportation Division and Ticket-to-Ride were there for the presentation. TARC Executive Director, Barry Barker and Louisville Metro Mayor Greg Fisher talked about the need to continue TARC service without interruption for the people who use it for jobs, school and medical appointments. Community activists also spoke about the importance of keeping the service uninterrupted for Louisville and surrounding areas. Those in attendance also signed a wall showing their support.
Clout Asks KIPDA Transportation for Assistance
On March 18th , members of the KIPDA Transportation Division staff met with representatives from Citizens of Louisville Organized and United Together (CLOUT). CLOUT has been in Louisville for 23 years. They represent 18 religious and civic organizations. They stated the unemployment rate in Louisville has improved, but some people are still finding it difficult to find or accept jobs due to their lack of transportation.

CLOUT wants to see increased transit opportunities to Jefferson Riverport International in southwest Jefferson County. CLOUT held the Nehemiah Action Assembly at Memorial Coliseum on April 20th, where they asked TARC Executive Director Barry Barker, Metro Councilmembers Steve Magre and Angela Leet, business owners in Riverport, Transportation Policy Committee Chairman Bill Dieruf, and KIDPA Transportation Director, Larry Chaney to support a federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality grant application by TARC to fund a frequent Riverport circulator bus connected to service on Dixie Highway (Route 18).

All respondents agreed to look into the issue and to meet with stakeholders to explore future options.  The grant requires a 20 percent local match in contributions for any amount TARC would receive in federal funding.

Look Alive Louisville
A new effort aimed at reducing pedestrian injuries kicked off at Fourth Street Live on April 16th. Louisville Metro Mayor, Greg Fischer, stated that last year Louisville had 18 pedestrian fatalities and the five years prior had 16 pedestrian deaths. He blamed it partly on what he called “the 21st Century Shuffle”- our constant distractedness. Metro Police Officer Ruby Ellison, talked about the current laws pertaining to pedestrians and some of the measures that will be enforced in the future to keep everyone safe. The “walking fleur-de-lis” will be the mascot for the effort needs a name. Submit your suggestions via Twitter to @louisvillemayor using the hashtag #lookalivename by 5 p.m. on May 6, 2015. The winning name will be chosen shortly thereafter and used in the Look Alive Louisville program. The KIPDA Transportation Division and Ticket-To-Ride were there to talk to the public.
Pedestrian Safety is the responsibility of walkers and motorists alike. Louisville has averaged 16 pedestrian fatalities in collisions with automobiles per year from 2010 through 2014, and the rate of such fatalities in our community is higher than the national average. The good news is that the major factors involved in many of these collisions are avoidable. The information below shows what each person can do to reduce the number and severity of pedestrian collisions. The goal, obviously, is to reach zero fatalities.
How Pedestrians Can Reduce Collisions
  • Keep your eyes up to look for traffic before and while crossing the street.
  • Make eye contact with drivers so you understand their intentions and they understand yours.
  • Don't text, email, dial or do any other activity that might distract you while crossing the street. It can wait until you reach the other side.
  • Cross only at marked crosswalks.
  • Cross only on walk signals or green lights.
  • Don't dart out from between parked cars or other objects that might prevent drivers from seeing you.
  • If you must walk in the roadway, always walk facing oncoming traffic.
  • Wear bright colors.
  • Wear reflective clothing.
  • Carry a flashlight
How Motorists Can Reduce Collisions
  • Keep eyes focused through the windshield
  • Watch for pedestrians at intersections
  • Don't text, email, dial, apply makeup or do any other activity that might distract you from awareness of pedestrians.
Right of Way
  • Yield to pedestrians at marked intersections.
  • Yield to pedestrians at marked (zebra striped) pedestrian crossings.
  • Yield to pedestrians when they have entered travel lanes at any point along the roadway.
Traffic Signs and Signals
  • Do not run red lights.
  • Come to a complete stop at stop signs.
  • Do not drive through intersections after the light has turned yellow. A yellow light means stop if you can do so safely.
For pedestrian laws, click here:

Social Services Division


Kentucky Homeless Veteran Housing
Resource Guide Released
LOUISVILLE - The HUD Kentucky Office has released a new Homeless Veteran Housing Resource Guide that is available on their website at  This resource guide outlines by county the different types of housing assistance that is available as well as information on accessing that assistance.
The resource guide is in support of the Challenge to End Veteran Homelessness by the end of 2015. 
“No veteran who has served our country should ultimately be homeless, jobless, or without medical assistance,” said HUD Kentucky Field Office Director Christopher Taylor.  “This resource guide is offered to help all homeless veterans and their service providers help them find safe, decent, and affordable housing.”
To date, more than 225 local elected officials in Kentucky have pledged their support for the Challenge to End Veteran Homelessness.
For more information on housing homeless veterans, please contact the HUD Kentucky Office at 502-582-5251 and press ‘0.'

Homeless Veteran Resource Guide Click Here
Lynn Chrisman
Training and Development Specialist
Housing Contract Administration
2741 Clay St.
Paducah, KY 42001
Phone: (270)519-4422
Frankfort Office
1231 Louisville Rd.
Frankfort, KY 40601
Toll Free in KY: (800)633-8896, Ext. 398 (TTY 711)
If you need immediate HMIS assistance, click here,

Older American's Month
May is Older Americans month and each year KIPDA and its provider network celebrate it by organizing events that honor seniors and celebrate their contributions to our communities. In May, we have an opportunity to not only recognize seniors in our region but also bring attention to issues that affect older adults. 

Each year the Administration for Community Living announces the theme for Older Americans Month and this year it is “Get into the Act”. In honor of the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Older Americans Act (OAA), we are focused on how older adults are taking charge of their health, getting engaged in their communities, and making a positive impact in the lives of others. We hope to use this Older Americans Month to promote individual and community empowerment.

If you visit the Administration for Community Living website, you will find logos, posters, articles, and proclamations for organizations that celebrate Older Americans Month.

Each year the KIPDA-funded senior centers come up with different ideas to celebrate Older Americans Month. This year the focus is on activity, wellness, and getting engaged in the community. The senior centers in our region have planned various activities to celebrate Older Americans month. You can find a complete listing of events by visiting the KIPDA Facebook page.

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